Top Reasons Why AXYZ Routers Are Best for Foam Processing

foam cutting machine

When it comes to cutting foam of different densities, the “one tool cuts all” approach won’t work. This is especially true if you’re cutting polyurethane (PU) and polyethylene (PE) – two of the most common types of foam used in packaging. PU is hard and high density, so a router bit will easily do the job. But PE is light and very cushy, requiring a specific type of tool, like a knife blade. When programmed with an oscillating motion on the CNC, knife blades will cut PE with the exact precision it requires. Using a router bit on PE is like using a hacksaw to cut a sponge – probably not the result you were looking for! Save yourself the time and aggravation by using a multi-purpose router like the AXYZ Trident CNC Router.

5 Unique Features Make the Trident Your #1 Foam Cutting Solution

The AXYZ Trident has built a reputation as the most versatile router in the market with its high-power router and dual knife systems. This makes it perfect for almost all types of foam processing. The Trident offers unique features which make it best in class:

1. Hybrid triple head allows for pocketing and detailed edge cutting.

The Trident is configured with a routing spindle and one or two different knives. In the triple-Z configuration, the machine has the potential to also cut and crease corrugated cardboard. A combination of a specific spindle (either quick-release or collet) along with an oscillating or tangential knife will facilitate cutting of various types of foam including closed or open cell Polyethylene (PE).

2. High-power router for fast processing of tough materials.

Choose from manual, quick-release, high-power and high-speed spindles which can operate at speeds up to 40,000rpm. HSD quick-release spindles are incredibly quiet and robust. With a simple yet powerful pneumatic quick-release feature, they can be operated manually or with our ATC automatic tool changer. The Elte line of collet spindles are precision balanced for fast, clean cutting and ultra-quiet operation. Available in 5 and 10 HP models, their excellent design provides years of trouble-free use.

3. Tangential and oscillating knife tools for all flexible and semi-rigid materials.

The tangential knife is a robust knife intended for heavier, thicker and harder materials than other knives can accommodate. Full directional control of the blade allows straight edges, sharp corners and clean and accurate cutting of all radii. The oscillating knife is ideal for processing thin flexible materials including foam core, gator foam, corrugated plastic or cardboard, delivering clean-cut edges without fraying.

4. Gantry clearance allows processing of materials up to 5” thickness.

For applications that need a greater vertical clearance such as mold making or three-dimensional carving, the standard 6” (150mm) gantry height can be extended to 10” (250mm), 12” (300mm) or even greater. This makes it the ideal cutting solution for materials of varying thicknesses.

5. Incredibly powerful, but unbelievably compact

Available in three sizes – from 60 inches, 72 inches or 85 inches in width and the option of virtually any length required – it’s the most configurable machine base in the industry. Offering unparalleled flexibility, ease of use and precision, the Trident’s compact design rivals any industrial grade router out there.

Watch a video clip of the Trident using both routing and knife cutting combinations for a variety of foam applications.

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