Quik-Works is Coming to Foam Expo 2019 

As first time exhibitors at Foam Expo 2019, SWD Urethane is excited to show case Quik-Works’ wide product line of elastomers, flexible, and ridgid foams. Our R&D department at SWD Urethane works with customers from conception to production, making sure to provide exceptional service. Visit booth #1623 for more information. 

Rigid Foam

QUIK-WORKS 3210 is a rigid two component polyurethane foam designed as a system for molded taxidermy and artificial habitat applications. 3210 is 100% water blown and contains no solvents or co-blowing agents. The material is designed for ease of processing.

QUIK-WORKS 3223 is a two-component, 3-lb rigid pour foam designed as a system for molded taxidermy and artificial habitat applications. QW 3223 is co-blown and formulated for excellent mold flow characteristics and surface appearance.

Flexible Foam

QUIK-WORKS 7156 is a two-component, low density, water blown polyurethane flexible foam. QW7156 is designed to be processed over a range of indexes and molded densities. The foam passes both the FMVSS 302 and Cal TB 117-2013 requirements for fire resistance
from index ranges 80-120. This allows the material to be utilized in a wide variety of molded applications to achieve the customer’s specific end use needs.

QUIK-WORKS 7188 integral-skin molding system is a two component, self-skinning polyurethane foam designed to create molded parts with tough skin and high abrasion resistance.

QUIK-WORKS 7904 is a 9-lb co-blown microcellular flexible foam. QW 7904 is designed to exhibit exceptional physical properties and demold characteristics for molded applications over a wide array of processing parameters.


QUIK-WORKS 9166 is a flexible polyurethane elastomer formulated for ease of use processing. QW9166 has excellent physical properties and has the ability to cure at moderate temperatures.

SWD Urethane will be exhibiting at Foam Expo Norfth America 2019 in booth 1623