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Reducing Odors from Flame Retardants in Flexible Foam, Introducing the Next Generation of Aromatic Polyether Polyols

Thursday May 20, 2021 // 12:00pm ET // Duration: 30 minutes

Polyurethane flexible foams include some amount of fire retardant chemistry to meet or exceed reaction to fire standards. For the consumer, the enhanced reaction to fire can mean increased egress time from a burning room. However, many fire retardants, particularly halogen containing fire retardants are either under review or have been banned. Along with public and media attention, according to the Department of Energy (DfE), the State of California and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) are planning to establish updated flame retardancy standards. Hexion has developed a line of aromatic polyether polyols which, due to their high aromaticity, may be a of use to the polyurethane foam formulator as an additive in either reducing or finding alternatives to halogenated flame retardants. Several polyols will be reviewed with a focus on the newest polyol, Resonance™ PL92-450. The aromatic polyether polyol will be described during this discussion as an additive to a flexible foam system.

Expert speaker:

Steve Crain, PMP; Business Development Leader, Hexion Inc

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Premier Graphite Additives for Fire Retardant Foams with Improved Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

Thursday March 4, 2021 // 12:00pm EST // Duration: 30 minutes

GrafGuard® expandable graphite is a premier intumescent additive that has begun to revolutionize the fire retardant foam industry. The industry has been transforming away from hazardous halogen-containing fire retardants to a more environmentally friendly alternative without losing performance. GrafGuard expandable graphite can be incorporated into nearly any polymeric foam matrix and the fire retardant performance can be upgraded.

This presentation will describe the hows and whys to incorporate this non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, non-halogenated fire retardant additive into your foam formulation.

NeoGraf Solutions has a 140-year history in making graphite-based products in Lakewood, Ohio. With ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, you can expect a reliable environmentally friendly product with world-wide distribution.

The foam products produced with GrafGuard expandable graphite have a proven record of performance under very stringent UL and NFPA fire tests. There is a push also for additives to do more in the systems, therefore, we are introducing Graf+® graphite powders to be used in conjunction with GrafGuard expandable graphite flakes to make optimized systems for fire retardance and thermal conductivity. The Graf+ graphite powders may also be used independently to increase the desired properties of thermal and electrical conductivity with lower loading levels than traditional additives. This can be utilized for anti-static applications, conductive adhesives, conductive thermoplastics, and anywhere a lower resistance value can be exploited.


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