Speaker Interview


Garrett Getter, Product Manager - Saddles, Grips and Tapes, Specialized Bicycle Components Inc.

April 2021



In the build up to Foam Expo North America and Adhesives & Bonding Expo 2021 we spoke with Garrett Getter who is Leader of Body Geometry and saddles, grips and tapes at Specialized Bicycle Components. Garrett is passionate about the user experience for cyclists and works to continually improve the materials and manufacturing techniques used for their products. Find out more about Garretts work below:


Can you tell us a about your role at Specialized and what your responsibilities entail?

I am the Leader of Body Geometry and saddles, grips and tapes and I manage two teams as part of this role. One team focuses specifically on saddle development and the other focuses on ergonomic concepts that are 2-4 years from production. Our focus is on product creation and commercialization. All aspects of our work are rooted in improving the relationship between rider and bike.


Why is bespoke manufacturing such an important topic for you and your team?

We are constantly working on ways to improve the interface between rider and bike. One way of doing so is to look at new materials and innovative design techniques that facilitate better product development. Bespoke manufacturing is very important to us because within the cycling ergonomics world, a customized/personalized product is the holy grail.


What’s new and innovative for you? (this can be changes within your own business and products or outside e.g. how your clients are using your products)

Continuing to unlock the potential of additive manufacturing and 3D printing is particularly interesting to us. We see the possibilities as limitless and as I mentioned above, a move towards more and more personalized products is a very exciting direction for Specialized.


What are you most looking forward to about attending the live event?

Attending the live event itself! Being there in person will be a great experience and I look forward to being part of an expert panel at the conference.  


If you could have one famous person (present or from the past) over for dinner, who would they be and why?

Hmm, tough one!  My answer will probably have to be Franklin D. Roosevelt. I find that era in our country so fascinating. It would be really interesting to get his perspective on the world today.


You can hear Garrett speak live at the conference on Wednesday July 14 2021 in the panel discussion entitled Inspiring Innovation by Encouraging Bespoke Production for Luxury Applications. Garrett along with a panel of industry experts will be discussing how best to encouraged bespoke manufacturing for the materials sector.


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