Leslie Wolschleger
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JUNE 27 – 29 2023



JUNE 27 – 29, 2023


Speaker Interview




Leslie Wolschleger, Vice President of Research & Development, Sika Corporation



In the run up to Adhesives & Bonding Expo and Foam Expo North America 2022 we caught up with Leslie Wolschleger the Vice President of Research & Development at Sika Corporation. Leslie will be speaking at the conference in June and was able to shed some light on her valuable work on structural material development for automotive applications as well her dream dinner guest. 


Can you tell us about your role at Sika?

My role at Sika is two-fold, firstly I am the Head of Technology for body-in-white technologies, which includes a wide range of products. In this role I establish the research and development strategy, product pipeline and set development and innovation targets for the Automotive Technology teams we have around the globe. Secondly, in the US I lead the Research and Development team in Madison Heights, which is a global technology center for Sika. We have chemists that develop materials for US customers and customers overseas.


What do you see as the most exciting innovation taking place within the materials sector currently?

The materials sectors are undergoing a change in focus fields of innovation which are emerging from the demands from the market for sustainable and durable solutions. First is battery electric vehicles which bring on many new challenges inside the battery and for the rest of the vehicle.  Second is the more prevalent adaption of mixed materials in the body in white structure which bring on new joining challenges.  Lastly the mobility trend will bring the need for even more durable bonding techniques including adhesives that can withstand a long vehicle life cycle.


What will delegates learn from your presentation and why is it important that they attend?

  1. Important vehicle architectural trends which affect structural bonding technology, especially in the expanding e-vehicle segment.
  2. Critical adhesive material requirements which need to be met to improve durability and safety for body-in-white.
  3. New manufacturing trends which further drive adhesive technology development.


What are you most excited about for Adhesives & Bonding Expo and Foam Expo North America 2022?

As this will be one of the first conferences, we participate in that is not virtual since pre-pandemic, I am excited to see exhibits and meet new contacts. 


What famous individual would you want to have dinner with (they can be current or from history)?

I have always wanted to meet Martin Luther King Jr.  I have his quote hanging in my office “The time is always right to do what’s right.”  He was a courageous leader and is an excellent role model.


Interested in hearing more from Leslie on the latest in body-in-white application development? We have you covered. Join us at Foam Expo and Adhesives & Bonding Expo conference which will take place June 28-30 in Novi, Michigan. Leslie will be speaking on Wednesday June 29.


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