JUNE 20 – 22, 2023



JUNE 20 – 22, 2023



Call for 2023 speakers is now open! 

We are currently developing the agenda for the free-to-attend Foam Expo North America conference 2023. We invite you to help shape the agenda, with input on the industry challenges opportunities and topics that are most pressing to the industry currently.  



Explore the latest innovations in technical foam

Foam Expo Conference, co-located with Adhesives & Bonding Expo, will bring together high-level representatives from a cross-section of the technical foam and adhesives supply chains to encourage discussion and foster innovation. The free-to-attend conference is designed to address your key challenges and requirements such as market trends, product specifications, application development and much more. The event will focus on but not be limited to the automotive, aerospace, medical, packaging, construction, and sports & leisure industries.

New in 2022: the conference will be including topics specifically relating to Purchasing and Procurement, addressing topics such as supply chain transparency, risk mitigation, maverick spending and brand image amongst many others. 



New in 2022: Solutions Innovation Stage

The brand-new Solutions Innovation Stage will showcase innovative technologies from expert suppliers and manufacturers. Benchmark your company against leading brands who will share the challenges they've faced and how to overcome them, using real-world examples.




Key speakers include



What will you gain from attending the conference?


Find out how best to overcome material quality and consistency incongruities

Discover the latest material properties and capabilities to meet your application requirements

Stay up to date on the latest developments in manufacturing and processing efficiency

Keep clued on the competitive landscape and learn how best to foster innovation

Optimize the balance between the scalability of material production and the quality parameters of the application

Explore how best to improve supply chain collaboration and efficiency



What will you gain from attending the conference?


An understanding of the latest material properties and capabilities to meet your application requirements

Insights into property and process improvements such as lightweighting and environmental efficiency

Updates on regulatory changes affecting factors such as VOC and blowing agents

The inside track on the competitive landscape and learn how best to foster innovation

There is no other tradeshow and conference that brings together the entire foam supply chain for all foam chemistries

Access to the world’s largest dedicated expo for the manufacturers and buyers of technical foam products and technologies


2022 Agenda at a glance


Day one

Mega Trends  

Ensuring an Inclusive and Resilient Future for the Foam and Adhesives Supply Chains 

Asserting Supply Chain Efficiency, Resilience and Reliability in the Wake of COVID-19

Carbon Neutrality Strategy: Taking Action Now to Ensure Meeting Customer Demand and Aligning with Regulations in the Near Future 

Leveraging the Role of Adhesives and Foams in Maximising Electronic Component Assembly Efficiency  
Discovering Product Requirements of the Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building Market

Supply Chain Strategy 

Just-In-Case Supply Chain: Balancing Increased Inventory with Available Cashflow to Keep Customers Content

Disaster Proofing Roadmap: Managing Supply Chain Inefficiencies through Strategy Implementation and Data Interpretation

Day two

Application Development

What you Didn’t Know About Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and its role in HVAC Material Validation 

“If it Can’t Handle the Heat…” Optimizing Thermal Management Solutions to Meet Increasingly Stringent Application Requirements 

Keeping it Together: Ensuring Optimal Structural Material Development by Balancing Strength and Lightweighting 

Bracing for Impact: Exploring Advancements in Shock Absorbent Application Development

Staying Abreast of Optimal Sound Dampening and Absorption Technologies for your Latest Application Specifications 

Regulations and Sustainability 

Regulatory Updates: Implementing the Environmental Protection Agencies latest guidance regarding Volatile Organic Chemical’s to Ensure Product Legality 

End User Orientation Panel: How Exactly Can Bio-Based Materials Fit with Your Sustainability Strategy 

Strategizing Cost Effective and Non-Disruptive Circular Economy to Align Your Products with Global Initiatives

Multi-materials Vs Mono-materials: Determining the Most Efficient Products for Circular Economy Implementation


Day three

Material Selection and Interaction

Demystifying Adhesive Selection and Surface Preparation for Optimal Results 

Calibrating Product Interaction with the Consumer: Heat Exchange, Moisture Wicking, Odor Control and Hygiene 

Quantifying the Comfort Factor: Aligning Product Behavior with Consumer Comfort 

Process Optimization & Testing 

Methods of Digitalization for the Supply Chain and Accessing Data in Real Time to Curtail Delays

Understanding the Range of Dispensing, Curing and Surface Preparation Equipment Available for End Users 

Homogenizing OEM Product Testing Standards to Maximize Product Development Efficiency 



Missed the 2022 Conference?

The audio and presentation files for Foam Expo, co-located with Adhesives & Bonding Expo 2022, are available to download, for free.