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Crown Foam logoDon’t leave residue behind!

Crown Foam Technologies is showcasing the innovative Adhesive-free – Window Spacer for use in separating and protecting glass pane shipments from the manufacturer to commercial and residential retailers or builders. Our revolutionary Window Spacer is designed to adhere to non-porous surfaces without leaving any traces of adhesive. Unlike the old industry-standard, a low-density PVC foam glued to a cork-based product, our Window Spacer brings the transportation of glass panes and windows into the 21st century. Providing a cost saving solution that eliminates the need for lamination and designed in a highly visible blue color to aid in the removal process. The Window Spacer is 100% adhesive-free – and offers an effective tensile strength that resists tearing and supplies excellent cushioned support. 

Visit Crown Foam Technologies at Booth 916

Edge-Sweets introduces Web Nesting

ESCOWeb Nesting from Edge-Sweets Company is a powerful new tool we are excited to introduce as part of our software suite. Mobile friendly Web Nesting is platform independent, allowing users to create nested parts from any device with a modern web browser and connection to the internet.

For large fabricators, Web Nesting was designed to be custom integrated within existing ERP software. Web Nesting will auto-nest parts based on production needs for the day, separating nests by foam type and styles for each independent cutting line. Once auto-nested profiles are reviewed to meet required utilization standards, a simple click of a button is all that’s needed to send optimized nests to production. Drastically reducing time spent manually nesting parts. A truly powerful tool when productivity and throughput is an organizational priority.

For independent fabricators ESCO hosted Web Nesting is available for anyone to use, regardless of brand of machinery. Independent users will be able to create nests and styles that can be exported for use or saved to their account for fast, easy recall at a later time.

Key Features Include:

  • Mobile friendly/platform independent (Tablet, Smartphone, Laptop)
  • ERP Integration
  • Save styles and nests to user account
  • Universally compatible file export
  • Customizable to end-user

Visit Edge-Sweets Company at Booth 1000

Covestro LLCWhat will cars look like in the year 2030? Visit Covestro LLC to experience the future of mobility in virtual reality!

Covestro LLC is a world-leading supplier of high-performance polyurethanes, which can be found in everyday products such as cars, mattresses, furniture, appliances and insulation for our homes. Polyurethanes help to save energy, increase safety and maximize comfort, thus contributing significantly to the quality of modern life. In line with our vision “To make the world a brighter place,” we work on innovative solutions that address the challenges of our time.

The Covestro LLC booth will feature applications that highlight the proven power of polyurethane foam materials in the automotive, bedding and soft furniture industries. Our materials provide lightweight strength and efficiency to numerous automotive parts, from the loadfloor under your feet, to the headliner above you and everything in between. On top of showcasing applications used in the cars of today, the Covestro booth will also feature a virtual reality experience that will transport attendees to the future of mobility.  In addition to the automotive industry, Covestro materials lend comfort to foam mattresses and pillows, automotive seating and furniture. Stop by our booth to learn more about these polyurethane foam applications!

Visit Covestro LLC at Booth 600

25 years in the industry...

SCHAPSCHAP Speciality Machine, Inc., is a designer and manufacturer of physical test systems specializing in foam testing equipment for the automotive, aeronautic and industrial Seating Industry and test labs. 

A special focus on ease of use, repeatable results, and dependability is our company’s main criteria. Now, after more than 25 years, most of Schap’s first machines are still in use today.

With a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians, SCHAP Speciality Machine, Inc. has expanded their capabilities to include Lab Services, Equipment Rentals & Used Testers. We also have worldwide services for all of our customers Suppliers, Manufacturers, OEMS, and Test Labs.

At the Foam Expo show, come see our faster, safer and more reliable testing methods using machines created to fit a specific specification and industry standard. Our quality testing standards are built with ease of use and repeatability in mind.

Our highlighted machines from SCHAP will consist of everything from foam fatigue testers to 6 station dry fog testers that are used for every step of the testing process for automotive materials such as foam, fabric and more.

Stop at our booth and see what SCHAP Speciality Machine can do for you.

Visit Schap Speciality Machine Inc at Booth 431

Hightower Products LC presents latest products

HightowerHightower Products LC is pleased to announce that we have expanded our release agent product line to include all of the major classes of products required by our customers.

While waterbased and low VOC co-solvents continue to be our focus we also have conventional solvent based, high solids solvent based and high flash (A3) solvent based for those companies following European norms.

With proper spray equipment and process controls, the high solids and high flash products can approximate the VOC levels attained with co-solvents.

As is the norm with Hightower products we do not produce these products in the convention manner. We have designed and built unique manufacturing equipment that produces products with very small particle size that also minimizes the VOC loss during production as well as the fire risk.

Combined with these chemistries we offer the technical support and assistance to use these products effectively.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your mold release needs.

Visit Hightower Products at Booth 720

Hennecke to highlight breadth and diversity of product line at Foam Expo North America 2019

HenneckeHennecke is the only machinery, plant and system supplier capable of providing solutions for all core technologies in polyurethane processing.

Visitors to Foam Expo Booth 400 will find experts who can discuss technology needs of product manufacturers in automotive, building and construction, refrigeration, household goods, marine and aerospace, footwear, clothing, sporting goods, furniture, bedding, mattress and transportation industries.

Hennecke will highlight:

  • Production of rigid- and flexible-faced insulation boards and insulated sandwich panels. The new HENNECKE-OMS division adds the world’s largest selection of equipment for continuous and discontinuous production of insulating panels to the Hennecke portfolio, including metal forming systems, high-speed laminators, and automated stacking and packing lines.
  • New high-pressure RIM overmolding technology for the newest innovation in the mass production of structural components.
  • The largest portfolio of stand-alone metering machines, now including the HENNECKE-OMS IMPACT machine for low-pressure processors as well as the compact ECOPLUS machine for cost-effective high-pressure metering.
  • Innovations in appliance manufacturing, including “breakers down” foaming of refrigeration cabinets.
  • Innovations in mixhead technology, including a six-component mixhead for automotive applications from the best-selling MT mixhead portfolio which can replace old technology.

Visit Hennecke Inc at Booth 400

Plastic Technology LLC on display at Foam Expo

Plastic TechnologyPTI, LLC, a subsidiary of HSM, based in Hickory, NC, has been an extruder of low density polyethylene foam products for over 35 years. PTI’s growth through the years, fueled by a focus on innovation, has led the company to establish an industry-leading presence serving a variety of markets including plumbing, HVAC, packaging, toys and recreational products, and specialized OEM profiles for a variety of industries.

Our in-line fabrication capabilities allow for an array of innovative extruded solutions that offer versatility and economy.

  • In-line glue application
  • In-line cutting
  • In-line slitting
  • In-line labeling
  • Heat fusing

Come visit our representatives in Booth 1726 to see a selection of our products and discuss how PTI can meet your extruded LDPE foam profile needs.

Visit Plastic Technology LLC at Booth 1726

Bäumer’s new nesting program – Mattress Nest

Baumer of America Fully automated nesting of daily mattress production – promptly planned and true to quantity

Up until now, the daily production from importing to finishing had to be planned manually. Manual nesting, however, is not true to quantity because the machine operator nested only one type of mattress from the block until the complete block was full. This inevitably resulted in overproduction and warehousing.

Bäumer Mattress Nest makes it possible to carry out nesting true to quantity and fully automatically by planning the complete daily production in one go. Less manpower is required for planning and machine operation. Manual intervention in production is not necessary, but still possible. The complete production is quicker and more cost efficient.


  • Importing of mattress orders for daily or multi-day production
  • Planning of all required mattresses and sheets with various qualities and measurements without overproduction and without warehousing
  • Filling of blocks with other orders or filling sheets
  • Program gives warning of excessive cuttings with inefficiently filled blocks. In this case, these parts can be shifted to the next nesting.
  • 3-dimensional preview of block utilization
  • Special nest algorithm guarantees optimum material utilization
  • Quick and prompt planning is possible
  • Short blocks are optimally planned in the long blocks, so that cuttings are reduced
  • Long block scraps can be filled with standard short blocks

Noise and vibration are inherent in any machine with moving parts and are a concern throughout industry. More accurate monitoring of sound levels and better understanding of their impact on human health lead to stricter noise legislation for industrial equipment. Recticel – one of the largest manufacturers of flexible polyurethane foam – provides a range of silencing solutions for acoustic isolation, acoustic absorption and thermo-acoustic insulation. Its products can meet strict NRC ratings and resist chemicals, fire, humidity and other conditions common in industrial environments.

By staying close to its customers and developing solutions with technical foams that are finely tailored to meet their needs, Recticel arrived at a cutting-edge concept for industrial equipment: Silentium³ (Silentium Triplex). This approach consists of three steps, undertaken by acoustic engineers in cooperation with the client, to analyze the specific machine and define the ultimate solution.

Visit Bäumer of America Inc at Booth 1410


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