One to Watch: Edge-Sweets Company at Foam Expo 2020 

ESCO picture 1 It can’t be disputed that walking onto the Edge-Sweets Company factory floor is a pretty impressive experience. With it being our third exhibitor visit within the space of four days, the Grand Rapids, Michigan headquarters was the final chance for us to learn the ropes of the foam manufacturing game, live and in-action. With each stop on our trip, we saw the workings of vastly different machineries and products that hold their individual place in the foam supply chain, allowing us to really gauge what makes each company tick.

Long-standing exhibitors, ESCO have been designing, building and selling their custom-made cutting machinery for over a Century, and have earned their valuable reputation with a loyal client base within the polyurethane foam market. You can check out their superior solutions and machinery catalogue on their website here.

This year, Edge-Sweets Company gathered a large crowd for their product showcase and introduced their HPX 50-88 CNC blade contour saw to Foam Expo attendees. After having a sneak preview of the VPX 50-88, high-speed vertical blade CNC contour saw that they will be bringing along to the 2020 event, it’s safe to say that Booth 2006 should be on everyone’s one-to-watch list on the exhibition floor.

As a precursor to this however, we asked the team a round of quick-fire questions to build a bigger picture of the company’s short-term innovation goals and why the machinery they will be exhibiting is the best for our Foam Expo attendees in particular.

ESCO image 3

Nathan and Georgia with company President, Rick Hungerford, Jr 


What is the biggest challenge affecting the foam industry?

This doesn’t really affect ESCO but regulations with respect to health and safety are the biggest challenges.

How do you think these challenges could/will be overcome in the future?

New technologies will address any issues. For every regulation we generally see a corresponding innovation.

How is your business adapting to demand and what do you see as a growth area for you?

Customers are looking for faster and faster lead-times when purchasing new machinery. To accommodate the demand, we are stocking high-demand machines as well as selling reconditioned ESCO machinery. We’ve seen a demand from customers for reliable used equipment. In response we started a reconditioning program in the beginning of 2019.

What’s new and innovative for you? (this can be changes within your own business and products or outside e.g. how your clients are using your products)

Many new software technologies are under development for faster and more efficient layouts with respect to part layouts for our CNC machinery. A big push for us right now is designing machinery in a way that we can utilize as much computer automation in the manufacturing process of our machinery to reduce lead times and labor cost

What are you most looking forward to at Foam Expo 2020?

We are looking forward to meeting many new and existing customers as well as addition of the Adhesives & Bonding Expo this year.

ESCO image 3 What will you be exhibiting at the show? 

We will be bringing along our ESCOs VPX 50-88 which is our full-size high-speed vertical blade CNC contour saw.

What are the benefits of the products/services that you will have on show?

Previously we have brought our smaller version (VPX 36-60) which was specifically built for trade shows and speciality applications. Our exhibition this year showcases the full-size machine, so customers can see the actual footprint of the machine and all the possible options that aren’t available on the smaller VPX 36-60.

Please let us about any demonstrations, competitions or attractions that you will have to encourage people to visit your booth.

We are planning daily cutting demonstrations of the VPX 50-88 as well as previewing some of our new software and PU processing capabilities. We will have a large staff on-hand to accommodate attendees.

Edge-sweets Company will be exhibiting at Foam Expo North America 2020 at booth 2006