JBC Technologies: A Foam Expo 2020 Preview

Premier flexible materials converter and die cutter, JBC Technologies have become reputable for their ability to work with a wide spectrum of diverse materials, solidifying their place as an industry-leading solutions provider for their customers. We can't wait to have them back on the show floor for Foam Expo North America, and enjoyed meeting with with their team on our recent visit to Novi, MI, while catching a sneak-preview of the products and solutions that have defined this year's business efforts as we look towards 2020. One of their latest successes is the recent launch of TABshield®, a portfolio of lightweight, flexible composite materials for thermal and acoustaical protection. Read more on the customization opportunities for the line, with explicit targeting on lightweighting within the automotive industry in their exclusive press release.

Now with less than 5 months to go before the opening of Foam's Expo's fourth rendition, we hope attendees share our enthusiasm in learning about the latest developments, challenges and company aspirations taking place in the offices of our exhibitors. To satisfy your curiosity, we have compiled an exclusive Q&A with JBC Technolgies below. Be sure to drop by booth 1011 to see whether the team's expertise and equipment are the right fit for your current manufacturing challenges. 

 JBC Technologies expo image What is the biggest challenge affecting the foam industry?

One of the biggest challenges affecting the foam industry is the over specification of material requirements from customers. In many cases the customer specifies a material that is extremely expensive or is a name brand. This limits the flexibility of converters to offer alternatives that could offer similar or better performance while still potentially reducing cost. It also causes converters to hold similar material from multiple manufactures in order to accommodate the customer’s specifications. It’s a huge cost detractor for converters in the current market environment.

How do you think these challenges could/will be overcome in the future?

Ideally customers would leave name brands off of prints to prevent this over proliferation of part numbers. Customers could also communicate what the application needs to be able to withstand and the purpose of the foam in the application instead of naming a material on the print. This would allow the converter to choose and test a material that would be the best fit.  In the end, this approach ensures that the right material is chosen for the customer based on subject matter experts that understand how the material performs and also pushes the material manufacturers to work to differentiate material by more than just a name.

How is your business adapting to demand and what do you see as a growth area for you?

JBC is continuously working to build and grow solid partnerships with material manufacturers in order to reduce lead times and reduce risks for our clients. We see growth coming from a number of areas: in particular heat shielding, foam tapes, and acoustic, electrical and thermal management.

JBC Technologies image 1 What’s new and innovative for you? (this can be changes within your own business and products or outside e.g. how your clients are using your products)

We’ve had a number of changes in the past year, but one of the things we are most excited about is the launch of our TABshield heat shield line, a new product portfolio of lightweight, flexible, easy-to-install composite materials for targeted thermal and acoustical protection. It is a lower cost solution to traditional metal heat shields and is perfect for applications with space constraints.

What are you most looking forward to at Foam Expo 2020?

This will be the fourth year that JBC is attending the Foam Expo. We’ve always found it to be a great event because it is one of the few shows we go to where we benefit as much from walking the show as we do meeting potential customers and showing our own products and services.

This year, we are really looking forward to seeing what the Adhesives and Bonding portion of the show has to offer.  As a custom converter, we work with foams and adhesives daily and it is great to see so many of our suppliers in one place.

What will you be exhibiting at the show? 

JBC will be showcasing custom die cut parts that address critical requirements for sealing, noise reduction, vibration elimination, thermal management, and much more. Because everything we make is custom and there are an infinite number of material and process combinations we can offer to help our clients meet their specific objective, we’ll also be featuring some of the unique ways we can add value for our clients – from improved part presentation to automated assembly. Lastly, we will be highlighting our proprietary TABshield line of lightweight heat shield materials.    

What are the benefits of the products/services that you will have on show?

Whether it be reducing noise, vibration and harshness, eliminating buzz, squeak and rattle, or addressing thermal management challenges, the myriad of custom parts that JBC provides solve a number of disparate challenges for our clients.

Our TABshield, for example, provides targeted thermal protection for engine shields, tunnel insulators, dash insulators, hood insulators, engine compartments, exhaust shields, tunnel shields, marine heat shields, HVAC, and more.  A lightweight alternative to traditional metal heat shields, it is easy-to-install, conformable to most shapes, reflects radiant heat, and absorbs engine and road noise.

JBC Technologies will be exhibting at Adhesives & Bonding Expo 2020 at stand 1011