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AmexCoat adds strength and integrity

American Excelsior's AmexCoat is a new coating system that can be applied to most of the company's felixible foam products where comfort, protection or cushioning are required. AmexCoat adds strenght and integrity to the foam while providing a high-end, washable finish that is reusable and provides longer product life compared with most fabrics. 

American Excelsior's AmexCoatIn addition to be durable. AmexCoat finishes are available in standard colours of blue and gray, but can be formulated to custom colours with minimum production requirements. American Excelsior's unique process can also eliminate the need for fabric covers, which can become soiled and/or absorb contaminates that may collect in the fabric stitching. The company can even customize the appearance to a satin look or to a brilliant high-gloss finish to give products an impressive sheen. 

AmexCoat coatings can be found in shuch applications as: medical for positioning or medical pads: recreational for speciality indoor/outdoor uses: maine for flotation pads: athletic for items such items as gymnastic equipment: and mulitple other uses and markets. In addition, an antimicrobal additive is available, which helps reduce the growth of mildew and bacteria. If you want your product to have a durable, washable, attractive outer covering without fabric, AmexCoat is your answer. 

Visit American Excelsior Company at Booth 221. 

Self-sensing piezoresponsive smart foam replaces 'dumb' material 

XOnano SmartfoamXonano Smartfoam replaces high-cost and inflexible sensors with a self-sensing piezoresponsive smart foam, substituting 'dumb' material with 'smart' material. By replacing regular foam with smart foam material, XOnano Smartfoam solution empowers customers to gather data through technologically advanced foam sensors that are not as bulky or complex as sensors currently on the market. XOnano aims to be the future of all data gathering - the company is the 'Intel Inside' of everything foam.

XOnano works with select partners to manufacture XOnan Smartfoam, combining XOnano's sensing capability with some of the most advanced foams in the world. XOnano Smartfoam is available in a wide range of densities and dimensions so that it can be adapted to customers' specific requirements. It has been developed into products ranging from beds to taekwondo scoring vests. XOnano is dedicated to helping its customers develop smarter, better-connected products. 

Visit XOnano Smartfoam at Booth 1020. 

New water-based mold released match solvent-based materials 

Hightower Products LC will be promoting a new line of water-based mold releases for flexible foam at Foam Expo 2018. 

This chemistry is unique in several respects compared with all other water-based mold releases on the market. The most important features are as follows:

  • Lower cost per pound than traditional solvent-based mold releases on the market. The is no cost penatly to significantly reducing VOC's 
  • Mold buildup similar to solvent-based materials
  • Foam quality equal or superior to that made with solvent-based materials

There characteristics are achieved with the use of proprietary manufacturing equipment that in essence allows Hightower to emulsify solent-based chemistry. 

Although functional water-based chemistry has been available for many years. Hightwoer Products believes that its new products take the performancefrom 'functional' to equaling solvent based materials. 

Visit Hightower Products at Booth 517. 

Full-sized simulated automobile that displays twin shape duct technology

Unique Fabricating Inc's booth will feature a full-sized simulated automobile that displays the company's TwinShape duct technology. 

This technology offers OEMs major weight savings of up to 85% over conventional hard plastic molded ducts. In addition, the technology offeres less moisture collection, which improves performance. Another major advantage is much lower tooling costs. 

Unique Fabricating representatives will be available on the booth to discuss TwinShape applications as well as other technologies and capabilities that the compnay offers its customers. 

Visit Unique Fabricating Inc at Booth 933.  

The interior and engine compartment - growing differentiators for car makers 

Foams are among the most versitile materials in today's automotive interiors industry and esstential to create a unique experience for drivers and passengers. The can be endlessly tailored using a number of processing technologies to create specific aesthetic and tactile effects for seating covers and accessories, headliners and door panels. They can be used to create silencing and sealing compontents that reduce cabin noise and enhance comfort. They can also be produced to meet specific demands with regard to VOC emissions and flammability. 

Recticel, one of the largest flexible polyurethane foam manufacturers and a lead in low-level VOC emissions products, offers a unique range of solutions for the automotive interior and engine compartment. Recticel Car

Some solututions provide dust, air and liquid sealing around doors, between the engine and cockpit and throughout HVAC systems. Others absorb and isolate noise and vibration and protect vital cables and wiring. Specific products for firewall pass-through applications combine acoustic and sealing benefits. The portfolio also includes comforting and sensing solutions for seating covers and accessories, headliners and door panels, developed to provide tactile pleasure and visual enjoyment. All of these materials meet the automotive market's strictest technical requirements. 

Discover what foam can do. Visit Recticel at Booth 527, where the company will also show how is it transforming with world of industrial equipment and consumer goods. 

Visit Recticel at Booth 527. 

Sekisui Products changes the game with low-VOC, high-qulaity adhesives

Sekisui Products LLC is proud to showcase the 5782 PSA adhesive tape that is a perfect fit for all interior areas of a car. This double-faced adhesive readily adheres to molded resin products and polyurethane foams while conforming to JIS Z 0237 standard. It has excellent adhesion and repulsion resistance, along with better cold adhesion and repulsion resistance, along with better cold adhesion performance than current products on the market today. 

5782 PSA is more than just a secure adhesive for foam products: it's also environmentally friendly and provides support for automobiles that is safe for the whole family. It contains low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and has a nearly non-existent odor compared with its competitors. 5782 PSA is also free from 13 sick house syndrome chemical substances that are harmful to the human body. 

5782 PSA is a globally distributed, versatile product that is just what your new car needs. 

Visit Sekisui Products LLC at Booth 960. 

Fast, sensitive, reliable TDI detection using ion mobility technology

BrukerBruker will feature the RAID-M handheld chemcial vapor detector, which uses ion mobility technology to detect TDI. HDI and other chemicals ar 1 ppb in real time. In 2017 Bruker conducted a case study on the detection of TDI in foam factories using the RAID-M. A copy of the study will be available at the company's booth. The case study shows the clear effectiveness, speed, sensitivity and reliability of the RAID-M in detecting TDI. The five-second response of the RAID-M for TDI emissions at or below 1ppb is unprecedented. The caase study also includes a comparison with the industry-standard colorimetric instrument. Using the RAID-M at various foam factories that manufacture molded and slabstock products enabled Bruker to enhance the detector's graphic user interface and data logger to read in ppb. 

The RAID-M is an extremely rugged instrument that can be used in practically any environmemt. It has been Hazmat certified for Class 1. Div 2. It can is easy to use, and requires almost no maintenance and no calibration, with an expected lifetime exceeding 10 years in a foam factory. The RAID-M currently features two onboard customized libraries, with the newer model offereing five libraries by the middle of 2018. 

Visit Bruker Corporation at Booth 908. 


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