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Reduced Density, Increased Savings

Visitors to Foam Expo 2017 can get to grips with Amcor’s Resam PPS and Resam HF, the newest engineered polymers that allow for the manufacture of closed-cell foams that are tough, resilient, and lightweight. With high melting points and excellent thermal stability, both Resam HF and Resam PPS allow for heat welding and co-extrusion with most other polymers.

Foams made with Resam PPS are a reliable, cost-effective solution for a range of innovative packaging and other applications where stiffness and compression strength are required. It can also be laminated to other substrates.

Foam manufactured with Resam HF can be used for floor underlayment, insulation, cushioning, packaging, and many other applications. Importantly, it allows for foam to be produced at half the density of foam manufactured with polystyrene, constituting substantial economic savings. 

Booth #721

Setting New Industry Standards

At Foam Expo 2017, Bäumer will share more than 60 years of experience in special machinery for the polyurethane foam industry.

The company recently presented its new bonding machine for processing polyurethane hot-melt adhesives: the Lamit-HRB-PUR. With a high level of automation and extremely good bonding using minimum bonding agent application, as well as perfect full-surface adhesion, the machine sets new standards for a large number of materials and applications in the flexible foam sector.

Because of its wide application the machine is being used in different production line concepts, such as in the production of sandwich mattresses. Other features include complete mobility, whereby the unit can be moved laterally out of the bonding line so it is accessible from all sides.

Visit booth #417 for more information and product examples of other Bäumer bonding machines and processes.

Booth #417

Berry Plastics
The Latest in Double-Coated Tapes

Berry Plastics is introducing its latest Polyken multipurpose double-coated tapes, which offer the right balance of tack, adhesion, and peel to laminate, bond, mount, or splice a variety of common materials – including foams. Choose from Polyken 9115L high tack, high peel synthetic rubber or Polyken 3600A high tack, medium peel acrylic double-coated tapes.

Supported by 0.5 mil polyester film and featuring a 53lb SCK liner, the new 9115L synthetic rubber double-coated tape has a differential coating of synthetic rubber adhesive designed to offer excellent tack and peel adhesion. The new 3600A acrylic double-coated tape is supported by 0.5 mil polyester film and features a general-purpose 60lb SCK liner. It offers very high tack with medium peel strength and good shear. Visitors to Foam Expo can see the company’s latest offerings at booth #516.

Booth #516

CMS Montera
Alinging Capacity and Demand

CMS Montera is introducing a new Available to Promise (ATP) software module as part of its CMS RoadRunner Software Suite. The company’s ATP software module improves on-time delivery and reliability by providing realistic promise dates to customers. It smooths demand in line with capacity, which significantly reduces expediting, schedule changes, and overtime.

The software has been well-received, with a key client commenting that the ATP module is “the single most useful piece of software I have ever used”. It is designed to work well in both make-to-order and make-to-stock environments.

CMS Montera provides consulting and software to help clients solve operations-related and supply-chain problems. The CMS Roadrunner software offers visibility and synchronization to manufacturers and engineering companies. Visit booth #117 at Foam Expo to learn more about its key functionalities.

Booth #117

Commodore Solutions
New Die Design increase output by 18%

After acquiring the BEC die and gas-injection business, Commodore examined its existing dies and incorporated portions of the BEC die technology into its designs. This merging of technologies produced results that improved performance and increased output of the company’s extruders.

Design changes included alterations to the die body flow channel, whereby flow channel diameters were increased. The range of sheet widths the die could produce was also increased. As with all of Commodore’s dies, the new design can run a high-pressure extrusion profile that resists pre-foaming and corrugation. It can be retrofitted to any existing Commodore extruder, as well as most other manufacturers’ extrusion lines.

“With these new dies I have been able increase my output with minimal capital investment while maintaining the same manufacturing footprint,” says Jeff Clark, Commodore’s extrusion supervisor. Find out more from the company at Foam Expo, booth #933.

Booth #933

The Art of Science and Microencapsulation

Encapsys, a global leader in custom microencapsulation technology, will be situated at booth #1020 at this year’s Foam Expo.

Some of the company’s latest work involves phase-change materials (PCMs), a substance with a high heat of fusion that is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy. However, the nature of PCMs makes it hard for them to be compatible with many chemicals and formulations, such as polyurethane foam and gel. The PCMs create an oily mess on fabric, machines, other substrates, and surfaces. But microencapsulation can help.

Microencapsulation is a process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by polymers and monomers that form a shell around them. It allows the PCMs to absorb and release heat by changing from liquid to solid phase and vice versa. Tests carried out by Encapsys show that its EnFinit PCM 28 helps maintain the temperature of flexible polyurethane foam around a comfortable sleeping temperature of 28°C.

Booth #1020

Ahead In Automotive Innovation

Trim Craft is FXI’s newest product to launch in the automotive business unit. Over the past two years, the FXI automotive sales team has worked closely with a strategic OEM customer to provide this solution.

Trim Craft is a foam composite that exhibits 100% recovery in durability within a specified time to meet the OEM specification. This innovation is superior to the incumbent product in durability and compression, and you can find Trim Craft being used in current production vehicles in the upper roll door bolster. It is tunable to meet the feel, firmness, and function for superior durability and compression characteristics in instrument panels, door panels, and console applications.

Visit booth #405 at Foam Expo 2017 to discuss this product innovation with FXI. 

Booth #405

Next-Generation Cellular Rubber

Using rubber foams containing sulfur can be very damaging in contact or by emission with copper, silver, and other metals. Often used in the sealings of electric systems, rubber containing sulfur is likely to corrode the metal and affect the technical properties of the device.

As a major producer in the field of expanded rubbers, Interep has developed a new generation of sulfur-free material, known under the reference 95-0. This clean foam doesn’t contain any added sulfur, and as well as being peroxide-cured it also contains other components that minimize the risk of metal corrosion. As such, 95-0 exhibits superior metal corrosion resistance, as well as great compressibility, durability, heat resistance, air tightness, heat insulation, and high tear resistance. It is ideal to die-cut gaskets, seals, and cushions in the automotive, lighting, and electronic industries.

For more information, visit Interep’s booth at Foam Expo 2017, #433.

Booth #433

Krauss Maffei
New molding procedure delivers broad benefits

Continuous fibers, short cycle times, welding and recycling capability: KraussMaffei's thermoplastic resin transfer molding (T-RTM) procedure unites the benefits of reaction process machinery, thermoplastic materials, and shaping in the transfer molding procedure – the perfect combination for modern lightweight construction.

At the K 2016 event in Düsseldorf, KraussMaffei demonstrated the production of an automotive fiber composite structural component with metal inlays under production conditions. Frames for the roof shell of the Roding Roadster R1 sports car were produced several times a day at the trade show booth. The system demonstrated the feasibility of automated and process-reliable integration of metallic loaders into T-RTM components.

Foam Expo attendees will be able to see and discuss KraussMaffei's latest offerings at booth #126.

Booth #126

Magnum Tapes & Films
New Magnum Tapes & Films division exhibiting at Foam Expo

Magnum Tapes & Films will exhibit at Foam Expo for the first time in 2017. The company is excited to introduce to the foam industry its capabilities in pressure-sensitive adhesive tape manufacturing. Specifically, Magnum Tapes & Films will feature its line of rubber-based adhesive tapes designed for OEM applications, foam fabricating, and foam-converting processes.

Magnum Tapes & Films is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of high-quality adhesive tape and film products for multiple industrial and commercial applications. As the latest division of the Magnum Manufacturing family of brands, Magnum Tapes & Films prides itself on unparalleled customer service and its ability to offer genuine, customer-oriented solutions. Meet the company at booth #125.

Booth #125

Manufacturers Supplies Company
Strength in quality equipment and an experience team

Manufacturers Supplies Company, in partnership with Europe’s leading equipment manufacturers, specializes in the complete sales and service of precision cutting and converting technologies for technical foam products, industrial/technical packaging, and foam materials used in the automotive, aerospace, construction, medical, and sporting goods industries.

The company works in partnership with FEBA Srl Converting Machinery, which manufactures a complete range of fully automatic single-knife multi-shafted lathe slitting systems for the adhesive and non-adhesive tape markets, foam and rubber converters, textile manufacturers, producers of paper, laminates, and similar products. 

FEBA prides itself in offering its customers the most up to date and technically efficient production machinery. Check out booth #701 at Foam Expo 2017 to find out more.

Booth #701

Matthews Marking Systems
Seamless printing integration

Matthews Marking Systems introduces its extremely reliable and durable drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet printhead, ideal for marking and coding in the foam industry. The company's micro-valve technology dramatically lowers ink consumption while maintaining quality and speed.

The DOD printheads improve coding processes, increase production uptime, and require minimal maintenance. Matthews also offers thermal inkjet printheads and laser marking, each with a niche in foam marking and coding. Its print technologies are controlled by MPERIA, a universal print-management platform designed to simplify marking and coding information throughout primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging lines. MPERIA allows you to pair and control VIAjet print technologies to meet a variety of foam applications. Visit the company at booth #632 at this year's Foam Expo to find out more.

Booth #632

Polyurethane Process Industries
First-rate solutions in mineral fillers

When Baur Formschaumtechnik –  a leading supplier of molded polyurethane parts for the automotive and medical device industries – needed a machine that could reliably measure and mix mineral fillers, it turned to the new ECOMASTER MD RIM from the OMS Group.

The machine precisely meters two polyurethane components and the mineral filler directly into the mixing head through an additional hydraulically actuated metering cylinder. Both the cylinder and mixing head are manufactured to resist the corrosiveness of mineral fillers. Impressed, Baur bought more OMS ECOMASTER MD RIM machines for its new Czech Republic facility.

Exhibiting at this year's Foam Expo event is Polyurethane Process Industries, the US distributor of polyurethane foam equipment produced by the OMS Group. The company has provided high-quality, low-cost equipment, parts, repairs, and service and engineering assistance to North American polyurethane manufacturers since 2004. Visitors to Foam Expo 2017 can meet the company at booth #206.

Booth #206

Free from chemical contamination

Exhibiting at this year's Foam Expo is Rubatex – a producer of closed-cell foam – at booth #735.

Its sulfer-free polymer foam is manufactured specifically to support increased demand in the LED lighting industry, targeted at OEMs and Tier 1s. Used for sealing and sound absorption, the R4911 SF material overcomes the issue of sulfer contamination from vulcanized rubber materials, which corrodes LED lighting components and results in degradation or reduced lifetimes. Rubatex updated a classic RBX grade, R4911, with a new peroxide curing mechanism to suit a modern high-tech industry. It now has a 100% sulfer-free grade, meaning that customers benefit from the knowledge that their LED components are safe from sulfer contamination.

Booth #735

SELLEE Corporation
Announcing SELEE Carbon Foam

Attendees at Foam Expo will be interested to discover SELLEE Corporation’s newcarbon foam material, a fully reticulated vitreous carbon foam that may be manufactured over a wide range of pore size and density. The material is useful in a variety of applications, including electrodes for batteries and electrochemical processing, filters for hot/corrosive environments, high temperature insulation, noise suppression, and electromagnetic signal attenuation. The material is available in in sheets or blocks up to 6’x6”x24” and manufactured exclusively in Hendersonville, NC. USA. Visit SELLE Corporation at booth 1128.

Booth #1128

MOLD n' SEAL: saving money and simplifying production

In partnership with manufacturers of injection molding machines such as ARBURG and ENGEL, Sonderhoff developed the MOLD'n SEAL INLINE production process by combining an injection molding machine with a dispensing machine to create a single production cell. After the molded part is produced, Sonderhoff's two-component polyurethane Fast-Cure seal material is applied. The Fast-Cure Fermapor K31 material is a two-component polyurethane foam system specially developed for the MOLD'n SEAL process.

The system offers many benefits. For example, the Fast-Cure sealing material is tack free after 120 seconds, accelerating the entire manufacturing process. Furthermore, the MOLD'n SEAL system requires just one robot to handle the part for both injection molding and foam gasket application. This reduces the entire system footprint.

Attendees to Foam Expo 2017 can find out more about MOLD'n SEAL at booth #222.

Booth #222

Standard Rubber Products
Foam tape solutions for the automotive industry

Foam tape is used in the automotive industry for various applications for both interior and exterior surfaces. These applications include sealing, cushioning, vibration dampening, and impact resistance.

Such tapes can replace screws, rivets, and welds due to their high adhesion properties. This leads not only to increased efficiency within the assembly process, but also an enhancement to the appearance and overall performance of a product.

Standard Rubber Products (SRP) fabricates custom shapes out of foam tape that best suit each individual customer's application. With extensive knowledge of materials and expertise in engineering, the company has developed a unique manufacturing technique that is both quick and cost effective. Visit SRP at booth #323 at this year's Foam Expo to find out more.

Booth #323

Super Brush
The latest in firearms cleaning products

The Swab-its line of polyurethane foam, lint-free, washable, and reusable firearms cleaning products, manufactured by Super Brush LLC, makes the task of cleaning and lubricating faster and easier. This year, the Swab-its team is debuting new products that address cleaning challenges.

Bore-tips provide the ultimate in barrel cleaning with their tight-fitting, 360-degree cleaning surface, while Gun-tips come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and lengths to ensure cleaning and lubricating of all parts of the firearm, leaving no residue. Bore-Whips are a pull-through design that allows the user to clean guns that are traditionally difficult to correctly access and clean. With its bright colors, the handle of the Bore-Whip also acts as an Empty Chamber Indicator. Bore-Whips are becoming a range favorite for portability and safety.

For more information, visit the Super Brush booth, #401, at Foam Expo 2017.

Booth #401

Foam waste solutions that are kind to the environment

ThermaGreen specializes in waste-management solutions for customers in the foam industry. 

The company's remediation services for cross-link closed cell polyethylene foam seamlessly merge into existing operations, ensuring significant cost-saving results. Its partners take pride in using a remediation service dedicated to environmental stewardship and enjoy substantial reductions in waste-management expenses.

Thermagreen is committed to environmental protection, working to divert foam from landfills and creating environmental solutions such as rooftop gardens and floating islands. Discover the other ways in which Thermagreen is working to make the world a safer and greener place at Foam Expo, booth #119.

Booth #119

Launch of Cactus double-sided tape model for rubber fixing

V. Himark, a leading manufacturer of specialty double-sided adhesive tapes and a wholly owned subsidiary of V. Himark Technology Company Ltd., has announced the launch of Cactus model  HR295, a double-sided tape specially designed to bond vulcanized rubber substrates to metal and plastics without any primer treatment or seal rubber requirement.

“Our new model HR295 is a high-technology product, combining two different types of adhesives in order to make it possible to bond a very challenging surface like EPT to metals and plastics, and it was developed to meet the needs of our clients," says Charlie Huang, president of V.Himark USA Inc. "It will be a key product to help them to grow in the foam lamination Industry.”

Find out more about the new tape model at Foam Expo, booth #304. 

Booth #304