Sales and new connections: a rewarding Foam Expo for C3 Corporation

Boasting more than two decades’ experience in the equipment manufacturing sector, C3 Corporation bought its experience and passion for automating, evolving, and advancing manufacturing to this year’s Foam Expo.

C3 decided to participate in Foam Expo after noticing that some of their clients were exhibiting. “We thought exhibiting would provide an opportunity to meet new companies while connecting with existing clients,” says Mark DesJardin who works in Business Development at C3 Corporation. “The show was well organized. I thought all the networking opportunities were a great hit.”

Over the course of the three-day event, thousands of new products, innovations, and ideas were shared among industry peers. C3 took a roll packing machine to the show floor – the RC7500, which has a powered infeed conveyor with the ability to roll pack foam into a package eight inches in diameter. “We had a great response,” says DesJardin, noting that the company sold two machines at the show and received many more inquiries.

Encouraging discussion and networking among industry representatives at all levels is a core tenet of Foam Expo’s philosophy, and DesJardin says C3 Corporation benefited from this. “We had the opportunity to meet some new film suppliers and saw/blade manufacturers. This was critical for us as we are working on an automated facility.”

The expo is also an educational forum, with the intention that each attendee and exhibiting company will come away having learned something new. C3 Corporation is no exception, and DesJardin says him and his colleagues learned about the kinds of force they can apply to other open cell foams besides polyurethane.

Overall, DesJardin has marked Foam Expo as a success for C3 Corporation. “One of our high-level goals is to expand our customer base,” he says. “Since the show, we have added two new additional clients to our book of business.”

Having enjoyed such a positive experience, C3 Corporation has already signed up for the 2018 Foam Expo. DesJardin says the ability for C3 to expand their open cell foam customer base is what’s bringing them back in a year’s time. “We hope next year is just as good, if not better,” he says.

 Visitors to Foam Expo 2018 can check out C3 Corporation’s latest offerings at booth 305.

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