“From a foam perspective, there were the right people in the audience and there was a lot of interest in the number of questions after. The panellists too made the conference worthwhile”

Mark Polster, Technical Expert - Emissions Test Technology, Sustainability, Environment & Safety Engineering, Ford Motor Company (Conference Speaker)


“It’s been fabulous. We’ve got some great contacts as we’ve been hoping to. We believe we will have some potential partnerships as we move forward”

Wanda Nytes, Project Manager, Encapsys (exhibitor)

“It’s been fantastic. A great collection of polyurethane foam technology; most I’ve seen in one place in 30 years. It’s a great show.”

Brent Hodge, Director of Engineering, Adient (visitor)

“Speaking at the Foam Expo Conference was great, it is well attended by a diverse group of people – from automotive to adhesives and rubber industries – and is exciting to connect with these people by listening to presentations”

Hamdy Khalil PhD – Senior Global Director for Advanced Technologies and Innovation, Woodbridge Corporation (Conference Speaker)


"The Foam Expo Conference was an excellent experience, I enjoyed having the opportunity to speak in front of such a diverse audience. There were people that we do not normally communicate with, that we could show our message about our transition. Overall, it exceeded my expectations”

Ernest B Wysong PhD, Global Technology Leader, Opteon™ Spray Foam & Panel Applications, Chemours Fluoroproducts (Conference Speaker)

“Today’s been great, a lot of people have come by from a variety of industries, a lot of new industries for us, can’t wait to see what tomorrow’s like.”

Brady Van De Hey, Manufacturing Engineer, C3 Corporation (exhibitor)

"I was very happy to be one of the presenters here at the first Foam Expo, I was surprised at the number of people that showed up and had a real interest in the different foam properties, processes, and products that were available.”

Michael Krupa, Technical Manager, Consumer Products, Performance Materials, BASF Corporation (Conference Speaker)


“We’re meeting a lot of the key influential buyers, decision makers, engineers, so it’s been a super show.”

Phil Weaver, Sales Manager, Marian Inc. (exhibitor)

“We’re very thrilled with the turnout of the show. It’s a good show because it’s specific to converting, which is what we like. We have already reserved the exact same booth for next year.”

Dan Goellner, Vice President, Manufacturers Supplies Company (exhibitor)

“Speaking at the conference was very good, it was a big venue, very well attended and with lots of questions asked, so I made a lot of good contacts”

C Bruce Spivey, Prinicple Engineer, Lear Corporation (Conference Speaker)

“Great first Foam Expo! It by far exceeded our expectation. We are signed up for next year and we look forward to seeing you all in 2018!”

Stephanie Smith, Executive Assistant of Administration and Marketing,  Fostek (exhibitors)

“The expo’s been phenomenal. I’ve seen competitors, suppliers, old relationships. Thirty years I’ve been in the industry and never seen anything like it.”

Randy Knox, Manufacturing Representative, Technical Products, Foamcraft (exhibitors)

“We’ve been in the foam business for 43 years and we’re thrilled with the traffic, with the connections, and everything that’s gone on here. We’ve signed up for next year already.”

Bob Germann, President, Custom Foam Systems (exhibitors)

“It’s been fantastic, having multiple foam technologies under one roof, it’s been very effective for us.”

Jeff Goad, VP Technology, Rubberlite Incorporated (exhibitors)

“For CCT it has been great, having not only customers but suppliers here to be able to interact, plan, and strategize. Having everyone in one place has been a great tool.”

Chris Razler, Sales Manager, CCT Tapes (exhibitors)

“Many thanks again for your fantastic hosting of the Foam Expo show. Looking at the feedback you’ve been getting, clearly the show was a big success. Your hospitality was excellent as well!”

Duncan Geddes, Managing Director, Technical Foam Services (exhbitors)

“It’s been an excellent experience, we have met great people, had a lot of good feedback from a lot of different companies and we’re looking forward to next year’s show.”

Rob Thomas, Account Manager, Otto Bock Polyurethane Technologies Inc (exhibitors)

“This show is amazing.”

Victor Nava González, Business Development Manager, Woodbridge Foam Corporation (exhibitor)

“Very serious visitors for our kind of business, definitely one of our best investments.”

Nishith Patel, CEO, Patcham USA (exhibitor)


“It’s been fantastic.”

Mike Dalakis, VP Operations, kristoFOAM Industries Inc (exhibitor)

“Overall, the show is very good. I was surprised at the questions that came out of the audience in terms of their interests in foam”

Keith Chong, Senior Engineer/Scientist, Thermal Protection Systems, Extreme Environment, Boeing Research and Technology (Conference Speaker)

“The show has been beyond our expectations; we’ve met people that we couldn’t have met in any other way. We’ve made contacts with OEMs, engineers we’ve been dying to make contact with for a very long time and today we accomplished three or four of them. It’s a great show.”

Phil Foster, President / CEO, Fostek Corporation (exhibitor)

“Speaking at the Conference was a good experience and is very worthwhile. The audience was very receptive and having the opportunity to speak about topics and markets that we are engaged in is very beneficial for Foam Expo”

Ewald Heersema, Technical Business and OEM Manager, Zotefoams North America (Conference Speaker)

“It’s been a fantastic day, seen a lot of customers and had a lot of interest.”

Lisa Bonner, Strategic Account Manager, REX Performance Products (exhibitor)