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Booth #709


3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, our innovations have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. Every day at 3M, one idea always leads to the next, igniting momentum to make progress possible around the world.



Booth #833

Action Fabricators Inc

Action is one of the leading flexible materials converting companies in the United States, providing clients with cost-effective, value-added custom solutions to meet their specific application needs. Converting tapes, foams, plastics and specialty materials, we serve clients in diverse markets including: automotive, medical, electronics, appliance, display security and furniture industries.

Booth #318

Adchem Corporation

Adchem, the foam bonding experts, manufactures highly engineered pressure-sensitive adhesive tape systems used in a variety of industries, including appliance, automotive, construction, electronics, graphic arts, medical, and industrial applications. Adchem is known and trusted for its outstanding quality and ability to customize products to meet your needs.


Booth #109

Adhesive Applications

HIGH TEMPERATURE SILICONE tapes and adhesives, coupled with HIGH PERFORMANCE ACRYLIC and RUBBER tape product lines provide Adhesive Applications customers with a “one-stop shop” for foam bonding, laminating, splicing, gasketing and other demanding applications.  Adhesive Applications products are HIGHLY ENGINEERED and APPLICATION DRIVEN, delivering precision solutions to customers, every time.

Booth #822

Aerofoam USA

Aerofoam, a division of HIRA Group established in 1980 in Dubai UAE. We specialize in Technical foam processing with various applications. We manufacture closed cell Elastomeric( NBR) and Crossed linked polyolefin(XLPE) foam. Aerofoam is well known across EMEA, Europe and Australia. Our products are dedicated to HVAC, Automotive and OEM.

Booth #922


AFTECH is the leading solutions provider in the custom conversion and fabrication of non-metallic parts through die cutting, promoting, laminating and slitting. We specialize in meeting tight tolerances and narrow widths. AFTECH manufactures parts used for noise reduction, vibration dampening, masking, bonding, sealing, insulating and enclosure components.

Booth #111

Aion Co.Ltd/ Shima American Corporation

AION Co. Ltd. of Japan is a FOAM material manufacturer focusing on porous Polyvinyl Alcohol formal (PVAf), Polyurethane, Polyolefin and Flourine.  These materials are excellent at absorbing and retaining water and water-based chemicals.  AION FOAMS are extremely hydrophilic, soft when wet, durable and lint free.  They feature consistent porosity.

Booth #328

ALANTUM Corporation

Alantum, with multiple locations in Korea/Germany/China/US, is a global leader in alloy foam technology and the world’s only commercial scale manufacturer. 
Our clients are the world’s leading petrochemicals, energy companies and automotive manufacturers. This innovative new material and application technology will deliver the best economical solution to our customers.

Booth #122

Alba Tooling & Engineering Inc

Alba tooling & engineering is an international group with its North American headquarters located in Livonia, MI. Alba is recognized as a specialist in the development and production of complete manufacturing systems. We offer customer-oriented, flexible solutions for tooling as well as turnkey manufacturing systems. 

Booth #1034


UK manufacturer of precision roll slitting machines for: foam, rubber, cork, felt, graphite, pressure sensitive tape, vinyl, glass fibre, non wovens,etc. Roll diameter: 300mm - 700mm Roll widths: 1600mm - 2500mm Heavy duty blade grinder, Automatic blade angle, Powered mandrel support, automatic mandrel inflation. Superior blade lubrication system, 60,000 recipes

Booth #634

AM Rubber & Foam Gaskets Inc.

AM Rubber & Foam Gaskets Inc. is a Vertically Integrated Foam Convertor with 40 years expertise. Our cutting edge Manufacturing technology, Exceptional quality and service in Foam Skiving, Slitting, Laminating & Die cutting has made us the most reliable supplier to Automotive, HVAC, Refrigeration, Transportation, Construction & Packaging Industries.

Booth #721

Amcor, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Amcor has been globally recognized as the leading plastics authority. Amcor is an engineered polymers company that specializes in enhancing plastic performance, improving operational processes and developing new, innovative technologies.

Booth #213

American & Schoen

American & Schoen Machinery Company is the supplier of Schoen + Sandt Die Cutting Machinery and Systems. Our product line-up consists of simple die cutting machines to large area & high tonnage die cutting presses. Our core advantage is building custom built machines that meet strict customer requirements. 

Booth #211

American Excelsior Company

American Excelsior has locations in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Washington and Texas and with salespeople located across the US, our products and our people are always close at hand.
Capabilities include the molding and fabricating of a vast number of polyurethane, polyethylene, crosslinks and many other flexible foams.

Booth #1105


Apple Steel Rule Die has been the leading manufacturer of Steel Rule Dies in North America for years, accomplishing this achievement by impaccable customer service at an affordable rate backed by the hard-work and quality that only the best in North America can garuntee. With 98.7% of all dies shipping out same-day or next.

Booth #1036

Applied Products, Inc.

Applied Products in an industry-leading supplier of high performance, pressure-sensitive adhesives to many OEM industries, including HVAC, construction, automotive and appliance manufacturing. We deliver cost-effective, high quality and sustainable adhesive products engineered to meet the needs of each customer's unique processes.

Booth #1001


Aramco Performance Materials (APM) manages marketing and technology development for Converge® polyols and other products. Using a proprietary catalyst, Converge combines greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) with hydrocarbon feedstocks to create high performing polyols for use in a range of polyurethanes. APM is a subsidiary of Aramco Services Company, the US subsidiary of Saudi Aramco, a fully integrated energy and chemicals enterprise. For more information, visit www.saudiaramco.com/Converge.

Booth #1023

Argent International, Inc

For over 40 years Argent International has been an industry-leading, award-winning manufacturer of die-cut engineered solutions & custom innovative products. Our experienced team of engineers and designers combined with manufacturing equipment second to none, allows Argent to develop custom solutions for any scenario.

Booth #306

Armacell, LLC.

Armacell’s Component Foam division is a proven leader and innovator in expanded foams. Our product lines consist of elastomeric and polyolefin products for aerospace, automotive, building and construction, industrial, medical, packaging and sport and leisure applications. Armacell services our customers from four manufacturing facilities in the US and Canada.

Booth #205

Aspen Technologies

Aspen Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to the manufacturing of excellent foam products, which are of the highest quality at the most competitive prices.

Booth #927

Associated Pacific Machine

Associated Pacific Machine Corp. with offices in Camarillo, California, is an importer and distributor of general and specialized hydraulic die cutting- and knife cutting machinery, advanced die-less cutting systems, log-splitting, lamination, slitting/rewinding and sheeting, water-jet equipment, plastic card machinery and the Ultra Bender line of rule bending machines. 

Booth #316

ATP adhesive systems AG

ATP specialises in the development and manufacture of solvent-free, pressure-sensitive and thermally-activated adhesive tapes and films for bonding flexible foams in the automotive, transport, building and construction, heavy machinery, white-goods, HVAC and medical industries. ATP is globally active and offers customers the opportunity to develop customised products for their application.

Booth #313

Avangard Innovative

Avangard Innovative is a premier sustainable solutions provider headquartered in Houston, Texas. Our Natura™ Program helps our clients reach their zero waste initiatives, while also providing us with a stream of raw material feedstock to process and market to our clients for their manufacturing purposes. 

Booth #616

Avery Dennison

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes develops and manufactures high performance pressure-sensitive bonding solutions that enhance customer performance and efficiency. Supported by a broad product portfolio, innovative technology, deep application expertise and customized bonding solutions, Avery Dennison Performance Tapes provides foam bonding solutions for a wide range of industries.

Booth #220

Axel Plastics Research Labs

Manufacturer of proprietary water & solvent borne external & internal mold releases; offering a variety of mold release products to meet the challenges of molding PU parts. AXEL meets the needs of processes ranging from hand poured foams to fully automated molding of PU elastomers in LFI, Honeycomb, RIM, etc.   



Booth #417

Baumer of America Inc.

The subsidiary of the German company Albrecht Bäumer was founded in 1980. We focus our efforts on manufacturing special machinery for the cutting, converting and transport of polyurethane foams, crosslink materials, rubber and other similar materials. Our products range from entry-level machinery to turnkey facilities for high-end manufacturers.

Booth #617

Bergad Specialty Foams & Composites

Bergad, Inc. has been a manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam since 1999. From the beginning Bergad’s mission has been to “exceed, not meet,” whether it comes to physical foam properties or, just as importantly, your expectations. While their business practices are dedicated to financial responsibility, our manufacturing processes are dedicated to providing the highest-quality, American-made flexible foam solutions in the industry for a fraction of our competitors’ prices. 

Booth #121

Bergen International

Bergen International is a leading manufacturer of chemical foaming agents. Bergen focuses exclusively on providing plastic processors with standard and custom chemical foaming agent products, for low-density foaming processes. We manufacture various types of chemical foaming agents that include endothermic, exothermic, and exo/endo blends for various molding and extrusion applications.

Booth #516

Berry Plastics

Berry Plastics is the US manufacturer of premium Polyken and Patco brand single-coated, double-coated, and transfer tapes for foam mounting, bonding, and laminating. Our broad selection of engineered adhesives includes solvent acrylics, rubber, heat-seal, silicone, and polyurethane. Visit our booth to learn more about our offering and custom adhesive capabilities. 

Booth #207

Bloom Foam

BLOOM® offers the environmentally sustainable, high-performance alternative to petroleum-based flexible foams. Formulated with algae biomass to offset petrochemical ingredients, BLOOM foam offers several key environmental benefits while maintaining strong performance properties. BLOOM's premium algae-based antimicrobial foams are certified 99.99% effective against both ends of the pathogen spectrum.

Booth #302

Bostik Inc

For over 125 years, Bostik has been a global industrial adhesive leader specializing in manufacturing innovative products for the aerospace, assembly, automotive and tape and label markets. Our extensive expertise allows us to formulate adhesives that meet customers’ stringent requirements and application demands while improving operational efficiencies and products overall.

Booth #923

Brooklyn Products International Inc

Since 1951 Brooklyn Products International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of fabricated polyurethane products.  Specializing in Thermal Sealing; capabilities also include die cut, saw and wire cutting, vinyl and board forming, screen printing, and custom packaging.  We offer quality products that service the automotive, medical, industrial, and filter markets.  Quality and top notch customer service are inseparably tied.  We “Do the Right Thing” for our customers!         

Booth #218

Bruker Coorporation

Bruker Detection produces Chemical, Biological, Radiation, Nuclear, Explosive detection equipment and solutions. Widely regarded as the development and manufacturing expert of easy to use, robust and reliable instruments, products range from handheld to stand-off detectors and complete solutions for platform integration and critical infrastructure protection. Innovation with Integrity!

Booth #436

Bruno Associates

Bruno Associates is a world-class manufacturer (OEM) of hydraulic, mechanical, and hydraulic-mechanical die cutting and molding presses.  These presses are used to cut numerous types of materials including (but not limited to) foams, plastics, textiles, paper, cardboard, chipboard, rubber, composites, carpets, etc. Sheet or roll feed designs available.



Booth #305

C3 Corporation

C3 Corporation is an engineering firm providing machinery, integration services, and software in the polyurethane industry. Our equipment and services are from pour to package in the foam industry. Compressing and roll packaging is our specialty from small products to buns of foam. 

Booth #1136

Capital Adhesives & Packaging Corp.

Capital Adhesives, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of liquid & hot melt adhesives, focuses on building bonds through consistent products, technical support, and devotion to customers.  When you have specific performance requirements or a particular need requiring additional development, we are willing to custom-formulate the right adhesive for you.

Booth #1133

Catalytic Products International

Catalytic Products International is the preferred resource for innovative and efficient industrial air pollution control solutions, providing customers with solutions to their most complex VOC, NOx, and Odor pollution challenges. Our equipment is also at work meeting energy conservation strategies and minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Booth #720

CCT Tapes

CCT produces a broad portfolio of adhesive tapes, which are widely used in foam bonding and gasket applications. CCT specializes in producing products for many markets, including automotive, appliance, construction and medical. 
With unmatched customization and quality we are a reliable and secure partner for today and the future.
Booth #635

Century Foam & Exemplary Foam

Exemplary Foam, the leading fabricator of custom foam packaging components in North America. By utilizing multiple locations alongside sister company Century Foam; we specialize in Polyurethane, Crosslink, Polyethylene, MLC, Plastic Corrugated, HDPE, and Polyurea Coating/Tape. When given a choice in returnable, expendable, or coating... always choose Exemplary!

Booth #729

Chem-Trend L.P.

Chem-Trend is a global leader in the development and production of high-performance release agents, purging compounds and other ancillary molding products.

Booth #1008

Chemours Company

The Chemours Company (formerly DuPont Performance Chemicals) provides foam blowing agents that deliver superior performance and excellent environmental properties. Our Opteon™ 1100 blowing agent combines energy efficiency, extended shelf life, and very low global warming potential, making it a sustainable solution for the industry. Commercial quantities will be available mid-2017.

Booth #208

Chi Meng Industry Co. Ltd

 Founded in 1973, Chi Meng Industry is Taiwan’s first manufacturer of PE, EVA,  EPDM, Open Cell, Shock Absorption, Conductive and Anti Static Foams. Since 1990s, Chi Meng has developed its own unique technology to produce Sulfur-Free EPDM foam that is particularly ideal to use in automotive, and electronics industries.

Booth #801

Chromaflo Technologies Corp.

Chromaflo Technologies is one of the largest independent global suppliers of chemical and pigment dispersions to the thermoset composites and architectural & industrial paint and coatings industries. Their diverse technical and custom manufacturing capabilities provide color solutions to meet the most complex requirements.

Booth #405

CMC Cevenini USA LLC

With 78 years of dedicated experience, Cmc Cevenini LOG SLITTERS equipment are well known for high flexibility & durability enabling to convert a large variety of materials having different diameters and cores, in order to satisfy requirements of small and large users. We are proud to continue the family tradition.

Booth #117

CMS Montera Inc

CMS Montera provides Consulting and Software to help manufacturers solve problems in Operations, Supply Chain and Project Management. Our CMS RoadRunner Software creates greater visibility and synchronization in order to reduce lead times, decrease inventory and  increase on-time delivery.

Booth #1019

Cold Jet, LLC

Cold Jet® is the world leader in developing innovative, environmentally responsible dry ice cleaning solutions and dry ice production equipment.  Cold Jet global headquarters are in Ohio with international operations in Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico. For more information, visit www.coldjet.com or call 1-800-337-9423 or +1 513-831-3211 (International).

Booth #933

Commodore Technology

With over 35 years of expertise in foam, Commodore Technology provides production tested manufacturing equipment and consulting services specializing in extrusion and thermoforming. Commodore also aids customers by increasing efficiencies and reducing the cost of foam production, partnering with them to grow their operations on a global scale.

Booth #219

Creative Foam Corp

Creative Foam Corporation is a leading manufacturer of Solutions for the  Automotive, Medical & Composites Markets. We utilize materials and develop production processes that exceed customers' expectations.   Design, Prototyping, Machine Building, Tooling, and Testing are done under one roof. We specialize in Speed to Market. Value is a given.

Booth #517

Custom Foam Systems

Custom Foam Systems is a leading manufacturer of fabricated and molded custom polyurethane foam components for automotive, healthcare and furniture and other OEM manufacturers across North America. With more than four decades of experience, they have earned a stellar reputation for exceptional expertise, adaptability, consistent quality, and unwavering reliability.




Booth #540

DELA Incorporated

Dela Incorporated is a trusted ISO 9001:2000 contract manufacturer offering lamination, foam fabrication and flexible material converting for roll goods including nonwovens, composites, films, papers, foils and foams. Their expertise in material sourcing makes us a valued supplier of cost effective, custom laminates, textiles and composites. They are a leading manufacturer of engineered flexible materials for companies servicing the medical, military, public safety, footwear, automotive and specialty packaging industries.

Booth #114


Demand Products has been a trusted supplier to the foam industry since 1983. We offer CNC foam cutting systems with Hotwire, Fastwire, and Blade technologies. Complementing our selection of cutting equipment is a full line of recycling solutions designed to process polystyrene, polyethylene, polyproplelyne and polyurethane foams.

Booth #1029

DER-TEX Corporation

For over 65 years Der-Tex Corporation has continued to expand and develop a notably broad range of foam, rubber products to accommodate the varied demand of many different applications.  Application areas include: automotive, aviation, construction, electronics, medical, military, footwear, sports/recreation, and consumer products.

Booth #217


100% Mexican company, dedicated to the production of custom made self adhesive seals such as gaskets and rolls as foam solutions to fulfill requests of our customers. 
Home Made PSA adhesives direct and with carrier.

Booth #728

Dow Chemical Company

Dow produces and sells key polyurethane ingredients, fully-formulated systems and solutions for rigid, semi-rigid and flexible foams, adhesives, sealants, coatings, elastomers and composites. We leverage our global resources, including world-class production and R&D centers, to deliver reliable supply and quality products to customers serving a wide variety of growth markets.

Booth #418


DUNA-USA manufacturers rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams for the insulation, signage, aerospace, marine and modelmaking industries. Our product lines include CORAFOAM® sign, tooling, and insulation foams. We also have tooling board, bonding, and sealing products that can withstand up to 400°F.



Booth #411

Edge Sweets

Edge Sweets Company, ESCO Group, Inc. is a manufacturer of foam cutting equipment and custom engineered polyurethane dispensing equipment. All our equipment is manufactured in West Michigan where our well trained Sales, Service and Support teams are also based. We support the polyurethane industry throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Booth #619

Element Materials Technology

Element is the recognized leader for materials and product qualification testing services. With nearly 1,900 scientists, engineers and technicians, across the USA, Europe and Asia, and over 100 years of experience providing OEM’s and their suppliers with the testing services they require to meet their technical requirements and production milestones.

Booth #534

Elliott Company of Indianapolis

Manufacturer/Fabricator of rigid unfaced polyisocyanurate (polyurethane) foam.  ELFOAM® is available in blocks, sheets and custom shapes/profiles in densities between 2 and 6 lbs/ft3 for commercial/industrial insulation, composite core material and carvable tooling media.

Booth #1020

Encapsys LLC

Encapsys, LLC is the leader in microencapsulation with over 60 years of innovation and excellent manufacturing experience.  Its broad product portfolio includes microencapsulated fragrances for consumer products, EnFinit® microencapsulated PCM (Phase Change Materials) for bedding products, and many more.  EnFinit® microencapsulated PCM is formaldehyde free, and provides lasting cooling comfort.  

Booth #533

Engineered Foam Products

Engineered Foam Products is a custom fabricator of foam materials serving the Industrial, Packaging, Filtration, Automotive, Recreation and Construction Markets. Our materials include cross linked and non-cross linked polyethylene, reticulated, polyether and polyester foams.  

Booth #702

Enviro-Blast Services LLC

Enviro-Blast Services has been a pioneer in dry ice blasting technology for over 20 years. With an expansive fleet of dry ice blasting units, we provide: industrial cleaning services, equipment sales and rentals. Unlike other forms of cleaning, dry ice blasting is very eco-friendly.

Booth #533

Everform Molded Products

Everform Molded Products offers high end affordable solutions from office seating to recreational vehicles. They produce high resiliency foam and molded visco elastic memory foams as well as gel based products. Their integral skin process creates a durable outer skin and foam based inner core. Everform Molded Products high resiliency chemistry has proven to be one of the best foam systems in North America.

Booth #420


Exova is one of the world's leading laboratory-based testing groups, trusted by organisations to test and advise on the safety, quality and performance of their products, systems and operations. Exova provides technically demanding laboratory-based testing, calibration and related services across 11 key customer sectors: Aerospace, Calibration, Construction, Defence, Environmental, Fire, Building Products and Certification, Food, Industrials, Oil and gas, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation. 



Booth #620

Fecken-Kirfel America

The US subsidiary of the well-known German machinery company. Fecken-Kirfel-America specializes in the production of cutting equipment. From a standalone machine, to a fully automated cutting lines or an endless loop machine for roll-goods, our equipment is used to process flexible PU foam, rigid foam, PE, rubber, cellular rubber etc.

Booth #124

FEMA Industry - Italian Cutting Systems

FEMA - ITALIAN CUTTING SYSTEMS is leader in modelling and manipulating polyurethane foam, polyester fibres and fabrics. Counts, more than 25 years, a wide number of customer in the acoustic, insulation, aeronautical, automotive, fruit and vegetable, upholstery and mattress sector.

Booth #609

Foam Creations Inc.

Manufacturers of XL EXTRALIGHT®, we are a North American foam elastomers manufacturer based in both Canada and Mexico, with Los Angeles based warehousing and distribution options. With 20 years of North American manufacturing and customer support, we are the leading USA supplier of high quality XL EXTRALIGHT® foam products.

Booth #808

Foam Design Inc.

A global leader in foam fabrication and cushion packaging, Foam Design is a second-generation family owned business specializing in close-tolerance foam products. Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, the firm designs and manufactures precision foam packing solutions primarily for the defense, aerospace, oil cleanup and filtration industries.

Booth #820

Foam Equipment & Consulting

North American distributor of EPS-EPE-EPP foam shape molding, block molding & recycling equipment. Products include TEUBERT shape molding machines, NYMPHIUS Filling Injectors, HEGER recycling equipment, Foam Compactors & Styrofoam Densifiers, EPRO blockmolds, Batch Pre-expanders & Cutting Lines. Services include plant design, equipment repair, field service, molding & recycling expertise.

Booth #926

Foam Rubber Products

Foam Rubber Products provides one of the most complete product offerings in the Flexible Urethane Industry.    Offerings of Molded Prime Urethanes, Molded Rebonded Foam, Fabricated Foams and an assortment of complimentary composites, combined with over 60 years of experience in the Transportation, Furniture, and Packaging markets, provide our customers with exceptional value and choice.  

Booth #817

Foam Seal Inc.

Foam Seal Inc., manufactures a comprehensive line of custom engineered PVC Foam & Foam Tapes to provide an economical solution to your most demanding sealing and cushioning requirements. These closed-cell PVC foams can be manufactured with or without adhesive.

Booth #327

Foam Supplies, Inc

Foam Supplies, Inc., a leading polyurethane systems supplier since 1972, provides turnkey solutions that include chemical systems and equipment. Our motto “Success Through Innovation” is reflected in ecomate®, the industry’s most environmentally friendly and reliable foam blowing agent.  We help manufacturers make better products that are better for the environment.

Booth #612

Foamcraft Inc

Since 1952, Foamcraft, Inc. has led the foam fabrication industry with a strong focus on quality, service, innovation and expertise. Our network of plants is composed of five fully equipped fabrication facilities, totaling over 370,000 square feet. This network allows Foamcraft to precisely fabricate a vast array of foam materials for a diverse set of market segments.

Booth #909

Fostek Corporation

Fostek is proud to be a privately held, financially sound, U.S. based company with extensive experience over our 10+ year history, in compounding and developing engineered foams. Fostek engineered foams are used for automotive, industrial, and construction applications, as well as for athletic and anti-fatigue mat products. Fostek is ISO/TS16949. 

Booth #920

Friction Coating

Friction Coating manufactures a wide variety of grinding wheels and rotary burrs. Our products grind at cooler temperatures, leaving better finishes and faster grind times than our competitors. We have the experience to help customers select the coating and design required to achieve the best results for their specific applications.

Booth #819


The FRIMO Group is one of the leading worldwide developers and providers of system solutions for manufacturing high quality plastic components. FRIMO offers tailor-made tools and machinery and technologically neutral consultations on a broad spectrum of technologies. The FRIMO network consists of 15 locations with 1,400 employees and representatives. 

Booth #505


FXI is a leading producer of flexible polyurethane foam innovation in the Bedding, Furniture, Industrial, Home & Office, Healthcare and Transportation Markets. We focus on finding tailored solutions for our customers, driven by consumer insights and industry trends. Products include finished goods, sub-assemblies, services and raw materials.



Booth #917

G&T Industries

G&T Industries is an employee-owned company that has been solving complex problems for over 60 years.The company uses a people-centric philosophy and unmatched capabilities in foam and rubber fabrication, upholstery and order fulfillment to create innovative solutions for customers in the transportation, medical, furniture, military, athletic, packaging and marine industries.

Booth #1129

Gasket Fabricators Association

The GFA is a trade association of members dedicated to providing custom fabricated components and materials for use in industrial, electronic and medical applications worldwide. Its membership is composed of the foremost companies in the industry, and includes many of the smaller specialized product fabricators.

Booth #535

General Coatings Manufacturing Corporation

Over the past 25 years General Coatings has developed a reputation as a company that provides exceptional products for industrial, commercial and residential use. Each product has been tested and certified by the authorities in the industry, to provide you with assurance that they will meet your specific project needs. 

Booth #811


Since 1962, GERGONNE is a leader in manufacturing industrial technical adhesive tapes. It is also a specialist in die-cut of adhesives and flexible technical materials (technical films, cellular materials, fabrics, films, etc.). We provide our expertise globally with branches all over the world (France, Spain, Slovakia, Marocco, China, Mexico and USA). Thanks to a very steady investment policy, GERGONNE is equipped with a high-performance and modern production tool, enabling to serve 5 large markets: Automotive, Electronics, Industrial manufacture, Construction and Healthcare.

Booth #438

Govmark Testing Services, Inc

Govmark fire and flammability test reports are recognized and accepted by many of the world’s leading authorities such as Airbus, Boeing, ASTM, CPSC, FAA, IMO, ISO, NFPA, and many others. Our clients can rest assured that years of experience and industry knowledge are behind every test performed in our laboratory.

Booth #427

Grand Rapids Foam Technologies

Founded in 1949, Grand Rapids Foam Technologies (GRFT) has more than 65 years in the foam business with state-of-the-art production facilities throughout North America. From product development, prototyping, custom molding and fabrication to assembly, upholstery and distribution, GRFT recognizes the importance of flexibility and technological leadership in an evolving industry.

Booth #539

Green Textile

Founded in 1938 by Sidney R. Green, Green Textile is a manufacturer of knit fabrics headquartered in Spartanburg, SC. We serve several markets with key clients in automotive, footwear, medical, industrial markets.  Working primarily with synthetic fibers, Green Textile has the ability to produce a wide range of fabrics.

Booth #818

Greene Rubber Company

Since 1931, a leading manufacturer of custom molded and fabricated rubber components. Capabilities include die-cutting, water-jet cutting, knife-cutting, rubber molding, shock and vibration isolation, EMI & thermal materials, o-rings and tubing. Preferred converter for 3M, Rogers Corp, St. Gobain, Panasonic, Parker ESD, Chomerics and Parker Medical Systems Divsion. ISO-9001, AS9100.

Booth #627

Greenmax / INTCO recycling

INTCO is a Styrofoam Recycling Specialist, providing total Solution to Styrofoam Recycling. INTCO manufactures and sells GREENMAX™ Densifiers and Melters, purchases back densified Styrofoam Scraps, and reuses them to make frame products.


Booth #710

Griswold LLC

Griswold is a leading manufacturer of engineered cellular rubber and microcellular polyurethane foam. Griswold’s enlighten-U urethane and KUSHON rubber are used in automotive applications including cup holders, bin liners, body side molding tape, gas tank spacer pads, and numerous shock, vibration, and sealing applications in industrial and sports/leisure.



Booth #413

Hanwha Advanced Materials America LLC

Hanwha Advanced Materials is a global leader in the composite materials industry, developing innovative products used in auto parts, electronics components, and in the solar energy sector. We has become a trusted supplier to major international automakers and also offer an impressive array of lightweight and fuel-efficient products, such as BuffLite (EPP), StrongLite (GMT), SuperLite (LWRT).

Booth #1107

Helton Inc

As a leading custom manufacturer of thermoformed plastic components, we take great pride in exceeding customer`s expectations. We use thermoplastic materials in a variety of colors, textures, and characteristics to serve the automotive, marine, medical, home and office furniture, recreational vehicle, agriculture, material handling, lawn and garden, and appliance industries. We specialize in cast urethane products and custom dunnage thermoform.

Booth #326

Hightower Products

Hightower Products is a family owned business based in Fenton, Michigan. Our product line consists of zero VOC waterbased, co-solvent, high solids solvent based and traditional solvent based formulations. We also design and build specialized equipment to apply, dilute and monitor the mold release being used in your plant.

Booth #603

Hot Melt Technologies Inc

Hot Melt Technologies manufacturers manual and automatic hot melt dispensing systems. Our Benchmark, ProFlex, and AutoPack systems all offer a modular design, and ease of maintenance features which are standards in our industry. We offer bead, spray, and slot applicators with systems ranging from 12 to 200 pounds.

Booth #910

Hubei XiangYuan New Material Technology Inc

XiangYuan New Material Technology Inc. is a high-tech enterprise founded in 2003 which combined development、manufacture and sales. We're the largest domestic manufacturer of electronic cross-linked polyolefin at present and our product is very popular in domain market and exported worldwide as our annual production capacity is more than 2200 tons.

Booth #538

Huntington Foam, LLC

Huntington Foam built its reputation by striving to be the best in the industry. With multiple plant locations in the USA and Mexico, Huntington Foam is uniquely positioned to provide Molded EPS, EPP and EPE packaging and component parts to a wide variety of markets.  When it comes to the world of custom foam molding, no one does it better than Huntington. 



Booth #1022

Innovative Packaging Solutions

IPS started in 1999 in Nuevo Leon México offering solutions over polyethylene and polyurethane products, years later, the company started offering and manufacturing packaging using cardboard and plastic corrugated boards. IPS is a company that merge design and manufacturing technologies giving us the capacity to attend clients from different countries.

Booth #1009

Inoac USA Inc

INOAC is a leading innovator of polyurethane, rubber, plastic and synthetic materials worldwide. INOAC’s commitment is in working with partners to not simply solve for today, but to create products and materials for tomorrow.

Booth #433


INTEREP is the european leading producer of cellular rubber for many different sectors: automotive, railway, construction, sport, defence and many others. We produce foam rubbers based on elastomers such as EPDM, NBR, CR, NR, SBR, EVM with a density  ranging from 60 to 600 kg/m3.


Booth #1101

IVEX Protective Packaging Inc

Manufactures of PE foam rolls and plank, Manufacturing locations in U.S .,Canada and Mexico. With flexibility and development in manufacturing . A strong commitment to minimizing energy use and environmental waste while manufacturing quality products for the market and are partners . 



Booth #1037

Jacobs & Thompson Inc

The core focus of Jacobs & Thompson is to elevate the relationship between the foam manufacturer and the fabrication client. J&T maintains four production facilities throughout North America, all of which are capable of producing split and laminated foam goods in a wide variety of master formats.

Booth #723

Janco Inc

With over 50 years of experience providing contract plastic fabrication and medical manufacturing, Janco Incorporated has become a trusted resource for businesses and OEMs in every industry,a number of market sectors around the world.

Businesses ranging from medical OEMs to sporting goods manufactures continually turn to Janco Incorporated for fast, reliable, and competitive contract fabrication and manufacturing that puts a constant focus on lean production and total quality management.

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JBC Technologies

Since 1988, JBC Technologies has been a solutions provider that utilizes die cutting and non-metallic fabrication skills complimented with strong product design knowledge. An assorted array of state of the art cutting and ancillary equipment allows vertical integration to control costs, lead time and quality from start to finish.

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JDC Coatings Inc

JDC Coatings Inc. is a manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesives since 1967, providing global solutions to various markets including automotive, appliance, construction, electronics, graphics, and healthcare.  We provide “Adhesive Solutions for Industry”.

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As a pioneer and world leader in engineered plastic foam technologies, JSP created ARPRO® Expanded Polypropylene, ARPAK® Expanded Polyethylene and other engineering foams. These materials are remarkably versatile for automotive components, packaging, medical applications and consumer products. JSP has sales, engineering and manufacturing operations in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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JTW International Inc

Established in 1995, JTW is a US manufacturer of plastic scrap management solutions.  We offer a variety of compactors and densifiers for PE, PP, and PS foam scrap, for sale, lease or exchange for your material.  Visit us to discuss how we can help improve your foam scrap management issues.



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K-FLEX is an ISO-certified manufacturer of closed-cell elastomeric thermal and acoustic insulation products that are easy-to-use and deliver reliable and lasting performance. K-FLEX serves the Plumbing, HVAC/R, Commercial/Industrial, Marine, Oil & Gas, Acoustic and OEM Markets.

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Konal Automated Systems Inc

We are a custom manufacturer of “soft material” manufacturing solutions provider. We are a global distributor of production lines for various industries. Our expertise revolves around the automation of raw materials to finished products. We custom design and build production lines to lower manufacturing steps.

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Kracht Corp

KRACHT CORP. is a subsidiary of KRACHT GmbH in Germany, a family-run business with 400 employees. As a manufacturer of transfer pumps, hydraulic motors, high pressure gear pumps, valves, pump units, gear type flow meters and electronics, we attach great importance to quality and to satisfy all our customers' requirements.

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KraussMaffei Technologies Gmbh

KraussMaffei provides a comprehensive product portfolio of machines and systems for PU processing in reaction process machinery. Mixing heads and dosing machines, presses, die cutters, flexible cutting systems and foaming tools as well as machines and systems for insulation applications provide the basis for a broad spectrum of applications

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KristoFOAM industries Inc.

For over 30 years, kristoFOAM Ind. Inc. has been a foam industry leader providing its customers with unsurpassed product design, customer service and overall product quality. KristoFOAM is a full service supplier of custom PE and PU products that include moulded, three dimensional XLPE foam gaskets, specialized die cut gaskets and seals and packaging/material handing products for the automotive, sporting goods, medical, electronic and military markets.

kristoFOAM will be showcasing its hybrid compression moulding and heat press moulding technology along with its line-up of high performance raw materials at the FOAM EXPO.



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Lear Corporation

Lear Corporation leverages breakthrough chemistries to provide comprehensive foam product offerings that meet strict performance specifications. Lear Corporation is one of the world's leading suppliers of automotive seating and electrical systems.  Lear has its roots in Detroit and has 140,000 employees in global operations at 240 locations in 36 countries.

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Lever Manufacturing Corp

For over 90-years LEVER MANUFACTURING CORPORATION has been a premier designer and manufacturer of single knife roll slitting machinery. Lever manufactures a complete line of automatic single knife lathe slitters for a wide variety of applications.  These cutting systems are capable of slitting materials such as pressure sensitive tapes, foams, foils, films, textiles, nonwovens, rubber, felt, fiberglass, graphite, cork, paper and leather.

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LGS Technologies

Lgs Technologies has extensive skiving and converting capabilities for a full range of open and closed cell foam materials.  We have over 50 years of experience in custom fabrication and die-cutting using the best material suppliers.  Our goal is to provided quality cost effective solutions to meet our customers needs.   



Booth #333

MACRO POP Engineering

Using innovative manufacturing and the most advanced materials, MACRO POP Engineering is a world leader of engineered hollow spheres. By using and developing the “natural” properties of hollow spheres and spheres in general, Macro Pop Engineering Products offers solutions to a wide range of application due to the multitude of properties that can be developed such as decreasing weight, increasing buoyancy, improving strength, dissipating energy, improving insulation, improving filtration, modifying viscosity and many more.

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Mactac LLC

Mactac North America, is a strong leader in the manufacture of pressure-sensitive adhesives and has been a trusted source for over 50 years. Our expertise in adhesive technology ensures our customers receive consistent high-quality adhesive tapes to meet a variety of applications, like assembly engineering, automotive and medical device assembly.

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Magnum Tapes & Films

Magnum Tapes & Films™ is a state-of-the-art manufacturer of high-quality adhesive tape and film products for multiple industrial and commercial applications. We pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service—not just lip service. We offer genuine, customer-oriented solutions that beat the competition. Rely on the Magnum® promise: Quality, Service, Delivery, Value.

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Manufacturers Supplies Company

Manufacturers Supplies Company, in partnership with Europe’s leading equipment manufacturers, specializes in the complete sales & service of precision cutting & converting technologies for a variety of industrial sectors. Our vast range of technologies include: dieless knife cutting tables, diecutting presses, (flat bed & rotary), single knife slitters, & specialty-laminators.

Booth #229

Marian Inc.

Marian is an ISO 9001:2008 certified global leader in manufacturing precision die-cut component parts made of innovative flexible materials.  Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies at 10 locations around the world, Marian engineers partner closely with customers to solve complex manufacturing and assembly problems.

Booth #632

Matthews Marking Systems

Matthews Marking Systems is a leading innovator in product marking, product identification, traceability, operational marking, and regulatory compliance for the foam industry. We offer durable and flexible industry-tested printers, integrated turnkey custom solutions, and a complete range of inkjet and laser systems for foam products.

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MHR distributes high pressure mix heads used to make polyurethane, chemical metering pumps that supply mix heads, magnetic drive couplers for chemical metering pumps, and flow meters to measure the chemicals being pumped. MHR specializes in mix head repair of straight style mix heads and L-Style mix heads.

Booth #203

Midway Rotary Die Solutions

Midway Rotary Die Solutions is committed to providing high quality rotary tooling that meet's your customer needs. We recognize that you are in business to make money with minimum waste and hassles. That’s why our experienced team focuses on the issues you deal day to day in the converting world.

Booth #429

Milliken & Company

The technologies developed by Milliken’s Chemical division represent a team of innovators that are focused on doing good. They are committed to meeting the needs of the present in a way that does not jeopardize the needs of the future, with environmentally sustainable practices that provide a better future for generations to come. Milliken constantly strive to create products that are both environment-friendly and logistically possible.

Booth #912

Miyahara Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.

Miyahara Rubber Industry has been specializing in making cellular rubber block foam for more than 50 years and has always been the leading Japanese rubber foam company with top quality products.  We have a wide range of both closed cell and open cell rubber foam.



Booth #527

NCFI Polyurethanes

NCFI Polyurethanes is an industry leader and manufacturer of 2 component rigid and flexible polyurethane systems and foams for use in applications such as commercial and residential insulation, marine flotation, integral skin molding, HR molded seating, void filling, aerospace, architectural molding, Geotechnical foams and castable urethanes.

Booth #1017

Netzsch Instruments North America LLC

NETZSCH Instruments develops and manufactures a complete high-precision instrument line for thermal analysis and thermophysical properties measurement, and offers commercial testing services in our laboratories. We offer Heat Flow Meters (ASTM C518) and Guarded Hot Plates (ASTM C177) for measurement of the thermal conductivity of foams and other insulating materials.

Booth #901

Nitto Automotive Inc

Nitto Automotive, Inc. has earned a reputation as a pioneer in the field of pressure-sensitive tape, foam, and NVH related solutions by developing new products through our innovative, proprietary technologies over the past 95 years. For more information regarding our offerings, please join us at Booth 1101 or at www.nitto.com.

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For more than 30 years, Nomaco has been creating new realities with foam solutions across industries as vast and varied as insulation, packaging, bedding, and more. Our ability to apply expertise in foam technology to such a wide range of industries makes us the go-to partner for innovations in foam.

Booth #832

Norseman Inc

Norseman designs and manufactures custom thermoformed foam, fabric and encapsulated components providing comfort in surgical positioning, orthopedics and medical devices and for impact protection of sports, military and tactical personnel.  We supply cases with engineered inserts to protect sensitive instrumentation, electronics and optical devices.  ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 Certified.

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Nova Chemicals

NOVA Chemicals is a leading producer of plastics and chemicals that make everyday life safer, healthier and easier. Our employees develop and manufacture materials for customers worldwide who produce consumer, industrial and packaging products.

Booth #826

Novation IQ

Novation iQ develop disruptive technologies and advanced material that enable 'faster, better, greener' solutions designed to bring "manufacturing back home". Some of their innovations include, Foams, Films, Fabrication, Alternative Energy, Hybrid Engines and Cancer Therapies. They are finding solutions to make a positive impact on people’s lives, and they work to continue to build Novation iQ to its full potential through associate value and commitment.



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Oak Ridge Foam & Coating Systems, Inc

Our company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance polyethylene plastics, roof maintenance coatings, polyurea and polyurethane protective coatings, spray foam insulation and application equipment.  we recognize the needs of our clients and provide the best customer service for their absolute satisfaction.

Booth #206

OMS Group

Impianti OMS is  leading world manufacturer of polyurethane processing machinery. Its production range covers both high and low pressure machines, hydraulic presses, specially designed turn-key plants for all various applications (domestic and industrial white appliances, continuous and discontinuous sandwich panel lines, foam block plants, automotive, filters, elastomers, TPU and miscellaneous)

Booth #120

OPFLEX Environmental Technologies

OPFLEX Environmental Technologies manufactures both closed cell and open cell cross-linked polyolefin and elastomeric foam buns in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Our closed celled foams are characterized by a fine cell structure. Our open celled foams are characterized by either small or large cell structure and exhibit excellent flexibility, and durability.  

Booth #813

Otto Bock Polyurethane Technologies Inc

Otto Bock Kunststoff GmbH is synonymous with expertise in polyurethane. Their products stand out for their high quality and consistent focus on customer benefits. Their core area of expertise lies in the production of PUR flexible slabstock foams, PUR foam systems and PUR molded parts for a diverse range of applications. As a reliable partner in the field of polyurethane, Otto Bock Kunststoff always offer innovative and expert system solutions of the highest standard – around the world.



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PACE Converting Equipment Co.

Since 1983, PACE Converting Equipment Co. has been solving difficult fabrication problems with state of the art, web-fed, rotary laminating and die cutting equipment.  PACE offers a variety of equipment for the converting requirements of the medical, automotive and industrial markets.  PACE also gives you the edge with engineering support and consulting services.

Booth #416


Palziv North America provides Chemically Cross-Linked Fuzion™ Rolls and Vizion™ Buns that offer superior consistency and performance. Palziv is an internationally renowned manufacturer of polyethylene foams. Palziv has been providing R&D and production solutions to markets in North America, Europe and Israel for the past 40+ years.

Booth #837

Patcham USA

PATCHAM is a multinational company, offers unique chemistry in Metal based Catalyst and Additives for various segments of Industry, like PU Foam, Paints, Coatings, Composite as well specialty segments. PATCHAM product enhances performance attributes while simultaneously provide benefits by having environment friendly and provides economical solutions. For more information visit www.patchamltd.com or call 2012934282 

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Picometrix, a division of Luna

Picometrix manufactures the T-Gauge® terahertz measurement sensor that is capable of measuring foam thickness and density with a single scanning sensor. The Picometrix T-Gauge® Sensor can make online measurements with real-time feedback for controlling raw material inputs. This feedback can reduce costs and increase product quality.

Booth #810

Plastomer Corp

 Plastomer Corporation produces seals, gaskets, seat toppers, acoustical products, and a variety of other automotive and appliance applications using foam, rubber, and other die cut or molded materials. Manufacturing our own foams means fast service for last minute changes, additions, and includes fast prototyping and immediate shipments to user facilities.

Booth #916


PLI (Pak-Lite, Inc.) is a leading North American converter/manufacturer of foams, nonwovens, foils, films, specialty materials and fabrics. PLI specialize in various markets including automotive, marine, HVAC, flooring, medical, renewable energy, RF shielding, construction, packaging, transportation and manufacturing. Their customer base includes many of the top OEM and industrial companies in the world.

Booth #621


PLUSfoam manufactures modern performance materials that are recyclable. These materials are engineered to replace foams, rubbers and plastics.

Booth #123

Polymer Specialties Inc

Polymer Specialties recruits C-level, operations, technical, and commercial professionals within the Polyurethane, Adhesives and Coatings industries by using our 30+ years of relationships with industry leaders. Through listening (often on-site with you), asking questions, and helping you prioritize; our goal is to become your trusted partner.   

Booth #936

PolySearch Recruiting

PolySearch Recruiting is the industry leader with 30 years of experience in the placement of professionals within the Polyurethanes, Chemicals and Plastics Industries. We have a solid reputation for making the right fit between employers and potential clients. With an extensive database of qualified candidates, we not only provide quality individuals who have the right skills, we look closely at matching personalities, work styles and company cultures.


Booth #216

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation

Polyurethane Machinery Corporation (PMC) manufactures equipment and accessories for use in the urethane industry. At PMC, the service does not stop with the sale. PMC provides its customers with outstanding sales and technical service through a worldwide network of distributors.

Booth #206

Polyurethane Process Industries, LLC

From chemical storage to complete OMS processing and packing systems, Polyurethane Process Industries supplies the equipment, parts and technical support for cost-effective production of flexible, rigid and elastomeric polyurethane products. PPI also supplies blending and transfer systems for pentane and HFO blowing agents, solid flame retardants and other additives.

Booth #201

Precision Blades Inc

Precision Blades is a manufacturer of high quality band saw blades for foam, rubber, leather, corrugated/packaging, carpet/underlayment, wood, and all metals. We are a family owned business located in North Mississippi. Our mantra is superior quality, outstanding service, at very competitive prices. Visit our website at www.precisionbladesinc.com.

Booth #1103


Prochimir develops and produces multilayered adhesive and barrier thermoplastic films. They ensure a high bonding of any substrate onto foams and bring a waterproof barrier if necessary. For acoustics purposes, our microperforated films could be another technical solution.

Booth #928


Through innovation and expertise, Profom is dedicated to increase our customers profitability and time to market.  Our people and our creativity allow us to apply better solutions to your gasket / attachment tape needs. Our comprehensive services coupled with 40+ years of technical expertise allows us to gain our customers confidence.



Booth #520

Ram Technologies

RAM Technologies exists to provide excellent companies with foam and fabric solutions.  Our strengths lie in working alongside designers to build prototypes that efficiently move to our ISO 9001 certified production facility.  We are gifted skivers, laminators, thermoformers, compression-molders and rapid die-cutters - to name a few.

Booth #623

Rampf Group

Rampf Group, Inc. manufactures precision multi component dispensing systems for foaming, bonding, sealing, and casting a wide variety of materials. Rampf also develops and manufacturers reactive resin foam systems based on polyurethane, and silicone technologies. Our product portfolio includes liquid and thixotropic sealing systems to cover all application requirements.

Booth #108

RCO Engineering

RCO has been a manufacturing partner to the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries since 1973. We have extensive experience producing prototype and production tooling and parts for many different commodities. RCO is a leader in foam development with on site tooling and testing capabilities. 

Booth #727

Reilly Foam Corp.

Reilly Foam is a distributor and fabricator of foamed plastic materials. 
We provide the highest quality foam from Manufacturers such as FXI, Sekisu-Voltek, Armacell, Sealed Air, Crest-Inoac, Zotefoam, and other foamers.
Our four locations support customer's production schedules.
Forty-four years of fabricating expertise provides technical foam for all applications.

Booth #1125

Relco Inc

Relco is a worldwide leading supplier and manufacturer of converting technologies. ATOM “Authorized Distributor” offering dieless cutting tables, cutting presses and CNC programmable traveling head presses. Relco’s innovative team of engineers and highly skilled machine fabricators are continuously developing specialized technology to meet the demands of their customers.

Booth #638

Remington Products Company

Remington Products offers innovative cushioning and support solutions using the latest fabrication and cutting technologies. Our highly experienced development team applies expert knowledge in materials, process capabilities and advanced cushioning technology to take ideas from concept to reality. We deliver well-crafted products and components in a broad range of applications.

Booth #733

REMPAC Foam Corporation

54 years Made in America - flexible cellular foam conversion offering a broad range of open and closed cell foamed plastic and sponge rubber materials. Market leaders in surface preparation - our abrasive coated and household cleaning sponges offer consumers the best sanding, scouring & scrubbing sponges in the marketplace. 


Booth #521


REPI LLC is the North American branch of REPI, one of the leading and independent global suppliers of high performance liquid colours, additives and dosing equipment for technical foams made of PU. Our innovative colour formulations and specialty additives ensure excellent dispersion and enhance end product performance.

Booth #518

Reverie PDX

Reverie PDX engineers and manufactures some of the most innovate comfort experiences around. Our products combine an integrated supply chain, best-in-class sustainable practices, and the ultimate in comfort and performance which allow us to be a strategic partner with leading Global brands. A sister company of Dah Sheng Chemical (DSC)

Booth #613

REX Performance Products

A premier manufacturer of polyethylene foam throughout North America serving industrial packaging, recreational, and construction markets. We create lasting partnerships dedicated to understanding individual business requirements.  Built upon quality, competitive pricing, and quick-to-market concepts, our diverse team offers over 100 years of combined experience in extruding, marketing, and selling foams. 

Booth #1120

Rogers Corporation

Rogers is a global leader in engineered materials to power, protect, and connect our world. With over 180 years of materials science experience, Rogers delivers high-performance PORON®, BISCO® and ARLON® Elastomeric Material Solutions for sealing, vibration management and impact protection in mobile devices, transportation interiors, industrial equipment and performance apparel.

Booth #107


RotoMetrics manufactures the highest quality, most comprehensive product line in the converting industry.  A synchronized team with 60 years of leadership knowledge, combined with our unprecedented global reach on 5 continents delivers the most reliable solutions in the places where you do business.
RotoMetrics -  Unlocking the Power of Precision.


Booth #803

Royal Technologies Corporation

Royal Technologies is an advanced engineering and manufacturing company serving industries as diverse as automotive, furniture, and consumer products. Since opening our doors in 1987, we have grown from a shoot-and-ship plastics manufacturer to an advanced processor of urethane foam and injection molded products and assemblies. 

Booth #735


Through American manufacturing, World-class engineering, and strong quality management systems, Rubatex® produces closed cell foam in bun form which is sold in partnership to provide rolls, sheets, strips, gaskets and other fabricated pieces.

Booth #719

Rubberite Cypress Sponge

(RCS) Rubberite Cypress Sponge is your One Stop Shop for Sponge, Rubber and FRoam. We are a Master distributor and converter of Cellular Sponge on both the West Coast and from our Columbus, Ohio facilities, We stock a large variety of products from Closed Cell Sponge to P.E./EVA, Confor foams, Open Cell Sponge, Siolicone Rubber solid and sponge and mechanical rubber.

Booth #223

Rubberlite Incorporated

Rubberlite is a custom converter of a wide range of cellular rubber, plastic foams and adhesives. HyPUR-cel® and Visco-cel® are custom engineered polyurethane foams manufactured in WV. We convert products from Armacell, Fostek, Monmouth Rubber, Opflex, Palziv, Sekisui Voltek and Zotefoams. Technical composites include fabric lamination and functional coatings.



Booth #212

Saint Gobain Performance Plastic Foams

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics (SGPPL) is part of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, a global force in engineered materials. SGPPL foams provide practical, cost-effective solutions for bonding, sealing, NVH, and thermal management. These high-performance foam tapes are easy to handle, require virtually no clean-up, and can be hand-applied or adapted to automated application.

Booth #319


SAIP is an Italian company, since 1978 designs and manufactures polyurethane processing equipment for building & construction industry, automotive, refrigeration, furniture, oil & gas. Offers customized and smart solutions for sandwich panel continuous and discontinuous production, insulation of industrial and domestic refrigerators, pre-insulated pipes manufacturing and for all applications of rigid and flexible foams.

Booth #1028

Schap Speciality Machine

Schap designs and builds IFD and fatigue testers in a range of sizes from table top up to floor models that can hold king size mattresses. Our PC based testers give you real time graphs, saves your data, prints test results, and allows you to easily create your special tests.

Booth #1032

Schmitz Foam Products

Schmitz BV was established in The Netherlands in 1935. We focus on the processing of closed cell cross-linked polyethene foam (XPE) scrap since 1990. In 2017 we will open a brand new reworking plant in Coldwater Michigan.

Booth #1137

Seal and Design Inc

Seal & Design is a World Class manufacturer of die-cut products including foam, sponge, Poron, Bisco, rubber, filter media, compressed fiber, vapor membranes and plastics.  Also provides o-rings, molded rubber, hydraulic seals.  Industries include Automotive, Medical, OEM Equipment.   ISO/9001/TS-16949    Facilities: Clarence NY, Syracuse NY, Toronto Ont.  

Booth #827

Seal Methods Inc.

Seal Methods is the premier global design and fabrication source for the alternative energy/EV market. With multiple locations in the USA and China, Seal Methods has established itself as the #1 place to go for thermal management and sealing solutions. Let’s discuss your ideas at Booth 827.

Booth #726

Sealing Devices Inc

Sealing Devices is a manufacturer/converter of molded rubber, foam and sponge, O-rings, gaskets, EMI shielding, tapes, adhesives, seals and sealants. As one of the largest privately held sealing companies in North America, we offer Applications Engineering assistance, flexible inventory programs, and a large inventory. AS9100, Small Business, Veteran Owned.

Booth #717

Sekisui Voltek, LLC

Sekisui Voltek is the global leader in the development of high-performance flexible polyolefin substrates. As a High-Performance Plastics Company within Sekisui Chemical groups, we are an integral part of a worldwide network dedicated to problem solving, continuous improvement and complete customer satisfaction. Sekisui Voltek are the leading manufacturer of crosslinked polyolefin foam in North America for over 40 years.

Booth #1128

Selee Corporation

SELEE Corporation, based in Hendersonville, NC manufactures and distributes reticulated Metal, Ceramic, and Carbon Foams in a variety of metal alloys and high temperature ceramic compositions. Please visit our Website at www.selee.com for material and application details.

Booth #116

Self, SL

SELF produces single-sided, double-sided and transfer tapes at its plant near Barcelona, Spain, using own formulations of water-based acrylic and hotmelt adhesives, along with a wide range of carriers and silicone liners on different widths. Personalized customer service, continuous quality control, short delivery times and competitive prices are our hallmarks.

Booth #228

Siltech Corporation

Siltech develops , manufactures and markets a full line of unique organo-functional silicone compounds, including our SILSTAB silicone surfactants for use in polyurethane foams. For HFO LBAs and GBAs , we offer the new Silstabs 2450, 2580, and 2995 for B-side, and Silstab 2875 for A-side, including 1-component foam systems.

Booth #918

Simmons Knife & Saw

Simmons Knife & Saw is an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer of foam cutting blades. Edge types include Knife edge, V-Tooth, Razorback, Wavy and Scallop blades. Exceptional customer service, innovation in design, and product development has become Simmons’ trademark as the company continues to meet constantly changing user demands worldwide.

Booth #222

Sonderhoff USA Corporation

A worldwide supplier of polymer sealing materials, engineering & services for more than 50 years. Successful gasketing, gluing and potting with the highest precision is our core competence. Customer-driven, committed to tailor-made, innovative R&D applications and customer satisfaction in industries like Automotive, Electrical Enclosure Doors, Packaging, Filter, Appliances etc.

Booth #911

Sonoco Protective Solutions

Sonoco Protective Solutions is a leading manufacturer of innovative component, packaging, and material handling solutions for countless industries, including: Automotive, HVAC, Furniture, and more. Our molded foam components simplify assembly, reduce product weight, and minimize complexity, while our protective packaging and material handling solutions ensure your product arrives safely.

Booth #921

Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA)

Founded in 1987 originally as the Polyurethane Foam Contractors Division, the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) is the collective voice, along with the educational and technical resource, for the spray polyurethane foam industry. Our experienced staff and member-comprised committees provide a wide variety of services to the industry. SPFA develops tools designed to educate and influence the construction industry with the positive benefits of spray polyurethane foam roofing, insulation, coatings, and specialty installations.

Booth #227

Spray Polyurethane Parts

Spray Poly Parts is dedicated to the repair, support, and supply if equipment/materials/service for the spray foam industry.  We are a Top 20 Graco distributor and support the industry with PMC, IPM, Titan, and Dynaloy brands, just to name a few.  Providing Sales, Support, Service and Parts.  

Booth #640

Spunfab Adhesive Fabrics

Global producer of thermoplastic dry adhesive webs used to laminate a variety of media, including non-woven fabrics, films, PP Foams and fiberglass..

Booth #323

Standard Rubber Products Co.

We are the industry leader in custom fabrication and converting of all nonmetallic materials. Since 1951, SRP has provided custom die-cutting services to companies in diverse industries—fashioning customer-specified materials into predefined shapes and sizes. We are Preferred Convertors for 3M, Rogers Corp., and Rubberlite Inc. World-wide facilities to serve you.

Booth #127

Stoner Molding Solutions

Since 1942 Stoner Inc. has been manufacturing industry leading release products for the molding companies around the globe. If you mold it, we can release it. Our products add value by increasing productivity and decreasing scrap waste. 

Booth #932

Sunstar Engineering Americas

Sunstar Engineering (SEA) manufactures adhesives, sealants, mastics, and specialty products which are designed to improve the quality and safety of the vehicle. Sunstar offers global capabilities with sales, R&D, and manufacturing facilities around the world. SEA is headquartered in Ohio, with the location producing over 50 million pounds of material. 

Booth #401

Super Brush

With over 65 years of experience, Super Brush LLC is the technology leader in foam swab manufacturing. Serving a diverse range of industries including aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and firearms, Super Brush designs and manufactures foam swabs and applicators with unique performance attributes. ISO 13485:2003 and 9001:2008 quality systems.



Booth #522

Talmolder Inc.

Talmolder Engineered Polyurethanes is custom molding company manufacturing since 1980 all types of multicolored polyurethane foam: Integral Skin (patented pentane blown process) High Resilience (patented foam process), Rigid, Viscoelastic, Elastomeric and Composites. All our technologies are in full compliance with US EPA Final Rule.

Booth #816

Technical Foam Services Ltd

Technical Foam Services is the UK's leading convertor of polyurethane and polyethylene foams. Independently owned, we manufacture bespoke components for specialist applications. Our goal is to widen the range of materials we can offer to our UK customers, so please visit our stand to discuss how we can help establish your foam materials in the UK.

Booth #1018

Technifab Inc.

Technifab is a major product and system solutions provider for aircraft manufacturers utilizing a lightweight, flame retardant foam material that is changing the way engineers think about part design. This is accomplished through various conversion, molding, and assembly processes. Technifab's engineers are able to promptly respond to our customers' design request to reduce weight in aircraft with innovative product solutions.

Booth #434

Tekspan de Mexico

We specialise in; specific expanded materials, cell rubber foams, Polyethylene, Polyurethane, PVC, acrylic masses, Melamine, Automotive Holding Company, 3 controlled Companies, Customer satisfaction, Accurate manufacturing of the finished parts, Fulfilment of the norms,  Renewal of the technologies and the Coordination flow among production plants.

Booth #809

Ten Sheeg Machinery Co., Ltd

Ten Sheeg Machinery Co., Ltd., is a professional and ISO 2000 approved manufacturer, specializes in development, manufacturing and marketing machinery for processing plastic material. Main products include: Loop Splitting Machine: for slicing raw material including EVA, Rubber, PE, NBR, SBR, CR, PU, EPDM, and similar material into sheets, Water Cooling Auto Slicing Machine, Thermoelectric Conjunction Machine, Motorize Circulating Rubber,PE,EVA Sponge Roller Material Splitting Equipment, Highest Speed Splitting Machine Profile Type and Electric Heat Laminating Machine. 

Booth #119

ThermaGreen Environmental Corporation

ThermaGreen™ is a world leader in foam waste diversion and a manufacturer of innovative new products. We specialize in comprehensive waste management solutions.  We provide our partners with fast and convenient pick-up services and the realization of substantial reductions in disposal costs.

Booth #118

Thomson Research Associates Inc

Ultra-Fresh is a portfolio of antimicrobials developed by Thomson Research Associates Inc. with over 60 years of expertise. Today, Ultra-Fresh is used by hundreds of manufacturers in more than 50 countries. Expert, thorough and timely technical service are key reasons manufacturers from around the world place their trust in Ultra-Fresh.

Booth #335

Toyo Quality One Corporation

We TOYO QUALITY ONE.CO.LTD established in 1935 is the manufacturer of  Soft urethane foam and foaming latex in Japan. As of general maker of the urethane foam, we have been built good relationship of mutual trust with various customers like major  car manufacturer , household appliance and building material.

Booth #113

Troy Polymers, Inc.

Troy Polymers, Inc. is a research and development company that for two decades has supported innovation in polyurethane foams.  Our customers range from automotive OEMs to chemical companies and biomedical device manufacturers.  With our team of experts, we can support you with: R&D, Testing, Technical Marketing, and Technical Consulting Services. 

Booth #338

Ttarp Company

Ttarp manufactures capable, affordable, and maintainable foam fabricating equipment including automatic steel rule die cutting systems, 60” heat laminating systems, automatic vertical band saws, and horizontal splitters. Manufactured in the USA, a Ttarp machine is a “workhorse” that offers a high ROI, improved productivity, and low operating and low lifecycle costs.



Booth #601

UFP Technologies Inc.

UFP Technologies is a producer of innovative, custom-engineered components, specialty packaging, and end products. Using foams, plastics, composites, and natural fiber materials, we design and manufacture a vast range of solutions primarily for the medical, automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, consumer, and industrial markets.

Booth #1010

Unique Fabricating, Inc.

Unique Fabricating (NYSE: UFAB) will showcase a Super Sport Utility Concept Vehicle at “FOAM EXPO” that demonstrate ground breaking cost and weight saving components from Unique Fabricating. The Concept car shows new technology and processes that meets the goal of reducing weight and showcasing new foam technologies such as Unique Fabricating’s TwinShape foam air duct technology. This technology reduces part weight an average of 80% and offers improved performance.

Booth #834

Unistar Chemical

Unistar Chemical offers the most efficient way to produce HFOs and HFCs, best quality froth Suppressant and other foam additives.

Booth #210

United Gasket Corporation

United is a diecutter and fabricator that produces a variety of foam, felt, rubber and fiber products from four facilities in the Chicago are.  We focus automotive on interiors, (Audio, BSR & NVH), filtraion and general industrial business segment with a customer base including major companies from across the world.

Booth #432

United Soybean Board

The United Soybean Board is a U.S. farmer-funded organization working with industry to commercialize industrial applications using soybean derivatives. Advantages include performance, versatility, cost and sustainability. Examples include polyurethane foams and elastomers utilizing soy polyols; unsaturated polyester resins using soy oil; and epoxidized soybean oil as a chemical building block.



Booth #304

V.Himark USA, Inc.

V. Himark Cactus® is an ISO-9001 certified leading manufacturer of specialty tapes with distribution in 50 countries. The USA headquarter serves North and Latin America markets in the gaskets & foam fabrication, automotive, electronic, construction, fenestration, POP and other Industries. Many of Cactus® products are UL listed and AAMA certified.

Booth #1131

Vigurus Technologies

Vigurus Technologies develops and markets products for protection, comfort, and health for people, vehicles and equipment at work, rest or play - utilizing globally-patented Sp1ke structural science. We provide proprietary systems for Energy Absorption, Load Management & Pressure Relief, Vibration & Acoustic Dampening, and Impact Mitigation across myriad product applications.

Booth #533

VPC Group Inc.

VPC Group Inc. has been a premier supplier to Canadian manufacturers for over 50 years and has manufacturing facilities across Canada. Full-service facilities operate in ten strategic locations across Canada for various purposes including lamination, die cutting, convoluting, contour cutting, molded products and a full range of bonded carpet cushion.



Booth #1027

W. KÖPP GmbH & Co. KG

W. KÖPP GmbH & Co. KG has a long history as the leading manufacturer and processor of cellular materials. Our KOEPPCell® materials are developed in Germany and produced in Romania: high-quality cellular rubber and polyethylene foam at very competitive prices and also available in dimensions for the North American market.

Booth #1033

Wanner Engineering Inc

Manufacturer of Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps to provide accurate metering and superior handling of abrasive particulates. Ideal for transferring, spraying, and injecting and mixing isocyanates, polyols, blowing agents, catalysts, additives, acids, and de-ionized water. Provides linear, virtually pulse-free flow and can run dry without damage. No leak path and low maintenance.

Booth #1021

Wilson Manufacturing Co.

Wilson Manufacturing has been supplying the rotary die cutting industry with quality and leadership since 1979. Our “machine” sharpened dies are what differentiate Wilson Mfg from the competition. Since the onset of rotary die cutting, steel rolls were milled to form blades and then hand sharpened for cutting purposes. Although this practice produced inconsistent results it was the best option at that time. Today, Wilson is one of the few die companies that is “machine” sharpening dies, yielding footage and tolerances once believed to be impossible. These dies were created for abrasive, tight tolerance, and long run applications and they deliver! In addition to the standard rotary cutting die, we also make vacuum insert dies, air-eject dies, spring plunger dies and male/female dies. Premium steels, 21st century CNC equipment, high-tech steel hardening processes, cryogenic treatments, machine sharpening and life extending coatings. That's the Wilson recipe for performance and customer satisfaction.

Booth #937

Wise Manufacturing Inc.

Since 1985, Wise Manufacturing has been a vertically integrated manufacturer of soft trim components and a Tier 1 & 2 supplier to the Automotive, Aircraft and Recreational Vehicle Industries.  Since 2000, Wise has been producing Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) foams for use in its transportation products as well as foam used in construction, packaging and athletic products. In addition to its foam making, Wise also has extrusion coating, hot-air lamination, die-cutting, thermoforming, water-jet cutting, sewing, serging, sonic welding and adhesive application capabilities.

Booth #633

WM.T.Burnett & Co

Wm. T. Burnett & Company is a privately owned American company established in 1898 as a mattress manufacturer, later expanded to produce cotton batting, then specialty synthetic fiber products. Wm. T. Burnett & Company offers a diverse and unique range of technical foam and non-woven fiber products.

Booth #301

Woodbridge Foam Corporation

The Woodbridge Group offers innovative urethane and particle foam technologies to the automotive, heavy construction and protective packaging industries. Since 1978, our company has grown to over 8,000 professionals and skilled Teammates in over 60 facilities throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Booth #1132

Worldwide Foam, Ltd

Worldwide Foam, Ltd. is the fastest growing industrial closed cell foam manufacturer in North America. Since 2008, we have revolutionized the industry by offering one day lead time from four strategic locations along with the widest ranges of products and sizes in the industry.



Booth #708

Zotefoams Inc

Zotefoams is the world's leading manufacturer of Closed Cell Cross-linked Polyolefin block foams. Using a unique Nitrogen impregnation process, Zotefoams manufactures the purest foam products available, virtually eliminating odors, VOCs, and other undesired components. Come see our line of unique high performance Zotek products. 

Booth #919

Zund America

With its highly versatile and modular G3, S3, and now dual-beam D3 lines of flatbed cutters, Zünd offers a full range of digital cutting solutions for custom to high-volume production environments involving foams and many other rigid and flexible materials up to 2” to 4” thick and 10’ wide.

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