Sustainable and cost efficient production and utilisation of foam materials can be challenging and time consuming. 

Foam Expo conference provides a unique insight into how best to resolve these challenges with the help of our expert speaking faculty from industry heavyweights. Amongst our speakers are representatives from GE Healthcare, Keen, Microsoft, Ford, Unique Fabricating Inc. and Woodbridge Corporation who can shed light on application requirements, production optimisation and other key industry trends and challenges.

Three conference stages:

Stage 1: Trends & Applications
Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing
Stage 3: Materials (Roundtables)

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10:00AM – Stage 1: Trends & Applications 

Plenary Panel: Staying Ahead of the Curve: How to Achieve the Balance Between Cost Efficiency and Sustainability

1:45PM – Stage 1: Trends & Applications 

Presentations: Understanding the Market: Plotting the Industrialized Future of Biodegradable/Bio-Based Materials and Green Chemistries 

1:45PM – Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing 

Presentations: Bonding of Dissimilar MaterialsPlastics, Glass & Ceramics, Composites, Metals and Foams

1:45PM – Stage 3: Materials (Roundtables) 

Buyers Guide: Exploring Foam Material Advancements and Property Improvement for Application Specifications

3:30PM – Stage 1: Trends & Applications  

Presentations: Extending the Life of Foam Materials to Minimise Resource Usage Through Repurposing and Recycling

3:30PM – Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing 

Panel discussion: How to Boost Public Perception of Petrochemical Products without Breaking the Bank



10:00AM – Stage 1: Trends & Applications

Presentations: Staying Ahead of Global Regulatory Updates for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to Meet Changing Industry Standards

10:00AM – Stage 3: Materials (Roundtables)

Presentations: Keeping Up to Date with Disruptive Technologies, New Application Areas and Industry Solutions

11:45AM – Stage 1: Trends & Applications

Presentations: Understanding Regulatory Updates on Chemical Blowing Agents and to What Extent they Differ on a Federal and State Level

11:45AM – Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing

Presentations: Achieving Lightweighting Through Material Bonding and Composite Structures

12:25PM – Stage 1: Trends & Applications

Panel Discussion: Staying Ahead of Regulatory Updates for Blowing Agents

2:00PM – Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing

Presentations: Maximizing Throughput: How to Meet the Growing Demands of Foam Production

2:00PM – Stage 3: Materials (Roundtables)

Roundtable: Understanding Flammability Behaviour of Adhesives and Foams and Their Contribution to Burn Behaviour of Parts

3:30PM – Stage 1: Trends & Applications

End-User Focus: Understanding the Latest End User Requirements for Cutting Edge Foam Applications

3:30PM – Stage 3: Materials (Roundtables)

Buyers Guide: Improving Material Properties Through Advancements in Raw Material, Additive and Processing Technologies to Meet Market Specifications


10:00AM – Stage 1: Trends & Applications

The Great Debate: Fulfilling Automotive Requirements Polyurethane Vs Expanded Polypropylene

11:45AM – Stage 1: Trends & Applications

Industry Spotlight: Discovering the Requirements of the Energy Efficient and Sustainable Building Market

11:45AM – Stage 2: Manufacturing & Testing

Panel Discussion: Fulfilling Foam Application Requirements Through Testing Standardisation and Quality Analysis

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About the conference:

Foam Expo is proudly co-located with the Adhesives & Bonding Expo  which means a three-day, three track conference with over 100 expert speakers. With a wealth of content to cover the three stages will be devoted to specific themes which are industry trends & applications; testing & validation, processing and manufacturing; material selection & optimizing properties.

In addition, the show features several new session formats such as:

  • The great material debate, where material suppliers will argue which foam is best suited for   automotive applications;
  • Buyers’ guides, aimed at helping buyers select the right adhesive and foam technologies for their application,
  • Roundtables on topics such as composites manufacturing and lightweighting;
  • End-user Q&As; all about understanding end-user challenges such as leveraging application requirements and process or cost limitations
  • Industry Spotlight: interview style session which highlights specific end-user industry challenges and requirements

Why attend:

  • Gain an understanding of next generation foam technologies for your specific application and assembly line requirements
  • Learn about property and process improvements such as lightweighting and raw material additives
  • Stay up to date on regulatory changes affecting factors such as VOC and blowing agent emissions
  • Get updates on key industry drivers such as sustainability and end-user market trends

Who will attend

  • Engineers involved at any stage of application development who are in the process of specifying a material solution for their application requirements
  • Foam converters and fabricators of foam materials who are looking to keep abreast of material developments and process optimisation
  • Foam manufacturers moulding the future of their industry

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