A healthy approach to foams in medical environments

  • Foams are increasingly being used in a vast range of medical applications
  • Medical foam market forecast to be worth $30.89 billion within the next decade
  • Discover new medical foam design processes and trends at Foam Expo Conference


Medical-grade foams are formulated for a range of applications in the medical industry, meeting various challenges present in medical environments.

Such challenges include the cleaning of rooms to reduce the risk of disease and germ spread. Medical-grade foams offer unrivalled antibacterial properties, making them ideal for use in environments that must be sterile. These foams are also used in wound care, as the industry shifts away from traditional wound dressings toward those that offer additional advantages. Generally made from semipermeable polyurethane, the foam dressings are non-adherent and non-linting, creating a moist environment conducive to healing. Crucially, they provide a barrier against bacteria and are suitable for use in the case of infection.

But foam applications for the medical sector don’t stop there. Foam is used in wheelchair pads, for example, utilising versatile design that ensures even pressure distribution for maximum comfort. In fact, the use of foam materials in the medical sector is extensive – they’re found in hip protector pads for those suffering from osteoporosis, helping to prevent hip fractures by absorbing the impact of a fall, and foam is even present in bone replacements, where the strong yet flexible, solid yet porous material is utilised to mimic bone structure. So-called titanium foam allows blood vessels and bone cells to grow into the foam – an extremely useful quality in repairing damaged bones.


Globally, the medical foam market is forecast to be worth $30.89 billion by 2026. According to Business Wire, the Asia-Pacific region leads the medical foam market due to high usage of foam products in numerous healthcare institutes. The region is forecast to remain the fastest-growing regional market for medical foam – growth driven by rising demand in nations including China, India, and Indonesia, among others, where healthcare sectors are undergoing rapid transformations.

Exploring the spread of foam materials in the global medical sector is Foam Expo Conference. Featuring a two-track agenda, the conference covers four core areas: manufacturing, applications, industry trends, and materials. Some of the industry’s most prominent names will offer in-depth insights geared toward end-user markets, including medical. The conference offers an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to foam medical applications; discover new design and manufacturing processes and trends; and network with industry peers.